April 2008

I often check out the stats of my blog. I like those little details. I like finding out what made people find my blog and what kind of keywords they use to get to it. I must tell you that many people are interested in dreams. I believe my blog is one of the only active blogs about dreams on wordpress, so I am very often found at the top of the list.

Here are the most interesting keywords:

“a man lies in his bed in a room with no door”: This is a part of the lyrics from Pearl Jam’s song titled “I’m Open”. This is most surprisingly the thing that pops ups the most often in the various keywords. Lyrics from that specific song. I guess people want to try and find the meaning of the lyrics. I offer my own interpretation of the lyrics in my ” Dream Art ” article, but there are websites such as songmeanings.net that exists only for that kind of thing. Here’s the page refering to the “I’m Open” song. It includes the lyrics, and below, the interpretations of the registered users ( link: http://www.songmeanings.net/lyric.php?lid=43303 ). I often check that website out to see the different interpretations of songs by people. Perhaps will this help you.

“tool lateralus literature philosophy”: This search query was quite interesting. Tool is one of my favorite bands. I don’t really talk about them in here, but I own another blog concentrated on Tool’s work, especially their album titled Lateralus. I do not update that blog very often, but once I have more time ( to waste ) I’ll probably update it at some point. I created the blog only to make a complete and detailed analysis of Lateralus since a lot of speculations have been made about the possible ” secrets ” hidden behind the album. It’s a mysterious album, pretty much like Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. If you want to know more, check my blog out: http://toolmysteries.wordpress.com/

“lucid no absolute control”: In my “How to fight in dreams” I mention the fact that even if you are within a lucid state of dreaming, your mind will still fight – for some time – and try to reduce your new ” lucid powers “. This is because your mind is not used to this shaping of reality through dreams. If the person who searched with this ( or something similar ) reads this, I encourage you to keep trying to execute supernatural feats within your lucid dreams. At some point, your mind will comprehend that within the dream, there are no limits and that you can do anything. It’s just a matter of time, perseverance and will power.

“fighting same person in dream”: Clones of people can often be found in dreams. This phenomenon can be observed in reality ( although the phenomenon is contested ). It is called bilocation. What is very fascinating to me with most bilocation reports is that the “clones” seem not to be aware of their surroundings, just like a sleepwalker. Check out Wikipedia’s article ( can be found in my Supernatural Approach links ). Another similar phenomenon found in reality is the Doppelgänger ( evil clone ).

“japanese legend dreams sleep”: I believe that in my F.A.Q. article ( or somewhere else in the blog ) I mention the fact that I know a great deal of things about Japan’s cultural background. In Japanese folklore/mythology, many creatures interact with humans when they are dreaming and sleeping. Fortunately, once again, Wikipedia has a very great article concerning the subject: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_legendary_creatures_from_Japan ). I hope you find what you are looking for.

“grade 5 strong hallucination of dragons”, “hallucinations clock”, “before she died dog hallucination”, “hallucination and weak”, “pythagoras and hallucinations”: I often find hallucinations-related keywords. I reckon that people who search for those actually experienced the hallucinations themselves. If you truly did have hallucinations, leave a comment in my ” My Hallucinations ” article. I am very interested in knowing more about this subject. There is no shame about having hallucinations, and I will not question you about what made you see these hallucinations ( if you had them while on drugs, I do not care, I am a very open minded person as I often said ).

“multiple people have dream of someone dying”: A very interesting keyword. I would like to know more about this.


I like that title a lot. It’s nasty. This dream is yet another vision. Very surrealistic, very artistic and inspiring in a way.


I am in some sort of hallway. There’s a red carpet all over the floor, pretty much like in theaters. The walls are brown and peach colored. There are people in front and behind me. Suddenly, plenty of horses enter the building and they run over people. The horses run over themselves as well. They are all mad horses. The bigger horse of them all is at least 15 feet tall and grabs a smaller horse by the neck and throws it away. After a short period of time, all the horses, including the gigantic one, are lying on the ground, dying. I try to heal them, but I can’t. I try to lift them so they can go up on their 4 legs, but they’re too heavy. I remember being especially powerless in this dream. That is all.

This dream was a mess. It involves me being naked and doing nasty stuff. For the sake of keeping this blog as family-friendly as possible, I will not describe a certain “scene” in which I am performing oral sex on a woman!


I am in some sort of mansion. Everything is made out of very fine wood. I got out, and there’s a pool right in front of me. I get inside the pool and I enjoy my time. I look around. There are countless of other “mansions”, almost pilled up in an ancient roman way. There are mansions over and under my own mansion. The whole place seems like a retirement complex or something. Very classy. There are numerous plants and trees here and there…

Suddenly there’s a woman and her chubby kid coming in. What is this? I thought I was the only one in this mansion. I also have the thought I had been renting the place. The woman said ” Oh, you must be the new guy ” and I said ” Yeah… Yeah I am… “. She tells her little boy to be careful while in the pool. As the little fat kid enters the pool, I suddenly realize I’m currently wearing… NOTHING. I am totally naked. The little boy is swimming closer and closer. At that point I can see myself overhead, 3rd person view. I turn my back on the little boy and I hide my thing against the pool but it’s too late the boy is like ” Hey you got a very odd costume hey w-w-wait a second MOMMY THE MAN IS NAKED!!! “. The kid freaks out. The mom freaks out. I freak out as well. I go out of the pool by jumping over the border and I run naked while the mother is screaming at me. I end up in another room of the mansion. But this time the mansion turned into some sort of 17th century mansion.

I feel like I’m the ” boss ” in there. There’s a fat maid baking some bread. I realize I am in the servant’s quarters. There’s about 5 servants in all, all female, from ages 15 to 40, I’d say. I go next to the fat woman just to make sure she’s doing the right thing with that bread… Suddenly I see a woman at the other side of the room ( quite far ) near a pile of flour waving at me for some reason. When I finally end up near her she’s like ” Do me. “. And I say ” No, that would not be right. You are my servant. “. But I finally chose to do her. However, I don’t have the time to do much because there’s way too much people in that room. ” Let’s go somewhere else. “. So we leave the place. We go outside. There’s a huge garden. The place truly seems realistic in a sense that it respects most 17th century scenery and clothing. We hide under a stairway. She starts undressing. What a body. She’s a statue. A goddess. Can’t believe I’m going to do her. I perform oral sex on the woman. I’ll skip the details ( unfortunately for some I guess ) to keep this blog from being flagged as inappropriate, but let me tell you I liked it, and she did too!

The fun stops when the big fat maid is searching for us. I reckon she’s in charge of all the other girls. She’s right over our heads on the stairway and we freak out. The girl goes hiding behind some bushes. As I look towards the woman, my grandpa comes out of nowhere and grabs me by the shoulder. ” Rusty, you really gotta tell your mother to quit shelthering cats in here. One of them pissed all over on the way outside. Look at this! “. And there’s plenty of ” liquids ” all over the ground, from the servant’s quarters to… me. I immediately understand that my “servant lover” was the cause for all this mess.


And I woke up.

I am in a city. The city is somewhat crowded, it’s winter, late in the evening and there are big, slow and numerous snowflakes falling from the sky. I end up at my grandfather’s house, but it’s not his actual house. There is a woman I do not know and it appears she now is his wife. She was very nice. She gave me something like hot chocolate. I remember there were a lot of unfinished paintings here and there, and completed paintings were pilled up in an area. The house was very small and compact and it seemed like a hobbit hole in some way. I left, and I do not remember much more.

Following this, I found myself at home. My cat was there, but he was getting a beating from another cat which looked almost the same as my own cat. The only thing different is that the evil cat had only one eye, the other was ” messed up ” in a sense that it seemed like some ugly fur had been growing on it. There was also some sort of “yellow disease” growing all around the thing. I separated both of them and looked my cat. He had something ” stamped ” on his side. It was some sort of advertising. It was a local furniture store’s brand name, printed like that on my cat with grainy golden and silvery colors, all in 3D. My cat then ran away. I grabbed the ” evil one eyed cat ” and looked at his ” messed up eye ” and woke up.

I must say that the last dream has a lot of cursing in it so if you are really that weak as to freak out if you see something like the F word you might as well leave and return to your butterflies or something.


First dream tonight:


It all began at home. Rain was falling from the sky and I had to go to school ( high school, I believe ). I was wearing the clothes I usually wear when I am spending time in the wilderness ( camouflage coat, big boots, and also a black trench coat I don’t have myself but I knew this was Timothy Treadwell’s trench coat for some reason ). Sounds like the perfect scene for some school massacre…

So, I was walking under the rain and I was cursing my ass for forgetting about the umbrella at home. When I came into the school, I realized that almost everyone were women for some other reason. I saw a female teacher talking with a female principal, and when I found my locker, two girls came on both of my sides. One seemed to have a total disdain of me while the other seemed to be interested in me. At that point I knew somehow that I had been very sick and that this was my first day back at school. I realized that I had plenty of studying and homeworks to do because of this. I told that to the “interested girl” and she said something like ” Don’t worry the teacher won’t notice. “.


2nd dream:


A very short one for I cannot remember anything else than this:

I was with my little cousin and my grandfather. We were driving down a road made out of mud near the shore of a lake. Me and my cousin were on the back while my grandfather was driving. He started “climbing” some mountain with his truck and it seemed to me like the truck was almost going to flip over so I used all my weight and threw myself near the front to balance the whole thing. I was very concerned about the safety of my cousin.


I woke up right after this. I went to the bathroom ( you know… ) and then, since it was way too early for a normal human being ( it’s Saturday, remember? ) to actually wake up, I went back to bed.


3rd dream:


This one is a real mess. I was very angry and even hit my own mother who was a complete jerk in this dream. She deserved it.


I am at my mom’s house. I am walking down the dinning room, and, as I am walking, I hear some strange noises. Moanings. And also some sort of “BOM BOM BOM BOM”. What the hell is this? I search for whatever made the noise and I as I come near my mom’s bedroom, I realize that behind this door is my mom actually having sex with her boyfriend. BOM BOM BOM BOM! I am like ” what the hell, this is in the afternoon, I’m here, geez! “. BOM BOM BOM BOM. I go down to the basement, trying to escape from that horrible, horrible noise. But the moanings turn into screams and of course there’s a lot of banging going on at that point. BOM BOM BOM BOM. I am in a very desperation position. I am especially disgusted by the whole situation because that is just not the kind of behavior my mom has. As I walk in the basement, I find out that my 6 years old sister is caught between two doors. I open one of them and she tells me ” Mommy forgot me. “. That’s enough. The noise, however, has stopped. I tell my sister to play with some toy to have her occupied while I go talk to my mother about that mess. I go up the stairs. My mother is having a bubble bath and the freaking bathroom door is wide open. I tell her, in a very calm manner:

” Mom… You know, you gotta be more careful about having sex in the middle of the day. I was here and your daughter was here too. We heard everything”


Wow, that was quite harsh. I am surprised, and it drives me mad.




You know, when someone is really tense, there’s this large vein in the neck that starts growing in size. My mom’s vein was as big as my thumb.

” YOU FUCKING WANKER!!! ” she yells.

I’m just SO mad. I can clearly see that my mother won’t listen to me unless I slap her. I enter the bathroom and I slap her in the face, hoping the bad thoughts she’s having in her mind will come out of her ears or something. You know, just to show her that I am right and she’s wrong. A monstrous slap you never see on TV. In fact, you never see those unless you’re in a dysfunctional family. A real, manly slap only Klaus Kinski could beat, but then, Klaus is dead. My mother is petrified and she says:

” Goodbye, forever. ”

I don’t need to say anything else. I chose to leave the place right away. As I walk to the door furiously, I see that her boyfriend is sitting in a chair near the table and he has to guts to say:

” Hey… What’s up pussy? ”

” Shut up, bitch. ”

I leave the place, totally mad with anger. I figure out that it’s freaking cold outside. In fact, it’s winter, and there’s a snowstorm pounding on the area. I start running. I have a t-shirt and I’m trying to run to prevent from being too cold. I figure out that since I might never see my mother ever again, I might as well steal some stuff from her so I decide to enter the basement’s door but then I find out that the basement’s entry is, somehow, in another place, on another street so I run like Donovan Bailey or something. I can see people wearing large gloves and tuques and everything and I can also clearly see they’re thinking ” Man this guy is going to die out of hypothermia! “.


I woke up.


I wish Freud was still here to explain the traumatic events in this dream!

I often had dreams about a water “hole”. It’s often in a round shape. Sometimes, it is smaller than me in size, yet I manage to enter it. Once I am in it, I travel through some sort of tube that compresses my body. I usually travel extremely fast in this tube once I am in it. When I come out from the other side, I often find myself in another world. This world is often more surreal than the previous one. Sometimes, this world is hostile to me. Most of the time, I end up repeating the same dream over and over again in an almost sickening manner. This is the closest thing I’ve lived in dreams that could be compared to Alice in Wonderland.


We were walking on a path in the heart of a forest. My mother, brother, sisters and two cousins followed me as I led the way. Many exotic flowers with strange, almost alien designs were on our left and on our right as we walked on this path. The youngest of my sisters went by my side and then ran in front of us. Suddenly, she fell in a puddle of mud. The puddle then turned blue and changed to clear water. Yet, it was too blue to be true. The water itself seemed to be alive. It was about 5 feet in length – it seemed like this ” pond ” was a perfect circle. Its waves were not normal – the waves were wild. My sister was trying to go out of it, but it was clear that the water was trying to suck her into some sort of tube I could not see – I just knew it. I grabbed my sister’s hand and I got her out of there. As I saved her, I realized that this water had been troubling me in many dreams already. I thought ” This is a dream “. I looked at my family and they seemed puzzled. ” This is a dream. I just turned it into a lucid dream! “. They did not seem convinced.


I woke up.

Well, I started this blog on April Fool’s and today I just checked it out and my blog reached 100 views. Thank you very much for viewing my blog! Also, today was the one which got the most views ( currently 16 last time I took a look ).
I uploaded some stuff in the “Dream Art” and “How To Fight In Dreams”. I also added a “Dream Multimedia” page with videos about dreams. I will give a better order to my pages soon, it looks kinda messy.

I had some dreams last night, but I do not remember them, unfortunately. I felt like it was a very anxiety loaded dream, but not really a nightmare.

Since I started this blog, I had at least one dream per night. I just had an idea. After each month I will add all dreams in a list. This way I’ll know how much lucid dreams, nightmares, etc I had during this month. If I am right about dream recollections, since I upload this blog frequently, I will probably see some changes. Perhaps will I have more lucid dreams in the upcoming months? We’ll see.

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