Yet another alien dream… Man! At least it ended up with lucid dreaming!

I am at our family’s house. It’s late in the evening, it’s summer time and I chose to go out and sit on the chair near the porch. Suddenly I feel the strong urge to look at the sky and, there it goes, a UFO made out of flickering lights. Red, then blue, then purple, then yellow, then red comes back and repeats the process. An alien is now on the ground. Yet another grey alien, but he is contradicting the usual popular depiction: he is about 5 feet tall, thin but not skeletal, his eyes are as small as mines and he has a nose. He gives me some sort of CB radio or something. He tells me I will need it later. He then disappears in the darkness and as I look to the sky, the UFO is now gone. I enter the house, and now I sense an extremely frightening sense of urgency and I order my mom, my sisters and my brother to shut down the lights and to lock themselves in a room. As I shut the last light I can see a strong spotlight on the street. I look into the window and there’s this big grey robot with plenty of lights and its led by some guys wearing orange caps and orange bulletproof vests. They all have flashlights and for some reason I am persuaded they are alien beings.

As I look through the window I finally realize they are conducting a raid in the neighborhood and they are taking all of the people living in the surrounding houses. I instantly freak out, noticing that the porch light is still there, asking those aliens wearing orange caps to come and take my family. I run to the switch and turn it off. Almost instantly there’s one of the guys with the orange cap and a flashlight who comes to inspect the porch. I run back to my family, hoping they’re still alright. They are. However, the guy is now trying to open the door I had locked. I look back at my family and I realize that we’re now in the cellar, which is totally illogical. The lucid dreaming experience pops up and I find out that this is all a dream so I run to the guy and I punch him, and I punch and I punch and he literally is turned to ashes because of my fury punches! Superb! Some other guy spots me and he shoots a purple ray that drained some energy, but then the thought of this being a dream gives me back my strenghts and I rush to him. I start concentrating on creating some sort of fire barrier in front of me and as I collide with him I destroy him with some sort of atomic super check!! And then, I wake up. Alarm clock once again!

What a cool ending to a shitty dream my friends!