After the dream with grey aliens and human aliens wearing orange caps, here’s the dream where a family of bigfoots come to our cottage and befriends me and the family!

Well, I am at our cottage. It’s summer time once again. The sky is blue with some white clouds. It’s a good day. Suddenly, I see something coming from the woods. It is very tall, very hairy, and it’s coming with great speed. Then, it comes out of the trees: A bigfoot! And he’s very frightening to me. I instantly acknowledge that it is a male and that it fears me. However, it seems like it is fleeing from something even more frightening, and that it needs shelter. The sasquatch is more than 7 feet tall. It kinda has chewbacca’s silhouette, actually, but with a more primate-like face. It is totally brown. Pretty much my own entire family is there… Many aunts, cousins, my brother, sisters and mom… But they’re all frightened of the creatures and I’m the only one on the outside of the cottage. The bigfoot cannot talk, but his hand gestures mean something I do not understand yet. Then, a female and a young bigfoot child come out of the woods as well. Almost immediately, an ATV crosses to road next to our cottage and almost hits a fourth, adult male bigfoot. The guy on the ATV drives away as if nothing had happened, and the bigfoot is yelling at it in its own primitive way. The whole thing is highly ridiculous to me as I am writing this. The whole dream is almost caricatural. The bigfoots do not frighten me anymore, and I understand that this bigfoot that just yelled at the ATV is some sort of uncle and that the family is trying to run away from him because he is making too much noise and that he keeps on trying to kill the bigfoot kid.

What happened next? Well, I don’t remember. I’m not even sure if something else happened. I woke up and I had a hard time remembering the dream at all. The bigfoot family sequence was the only one I remembered, unfortunately! It seemed like a very dumb dream, yet I kinda liked it now that I’m writing about it. I wish I could’ve remembered more about it and I’m almost tempted to write some made-up ending… but I chose only to write my true dreams so… This is the end! Too bad. I like bigfoots.