Last night, I had two different dreams. The first one was all about Dragon Ball and zombies. Pretty much like the Marvel zombies comic books. It wasn’t that much of a nightmare because I was incarnating a powerful character within the Dragon Ball universe, so it was kinda cool! I believe that what caused me to have this dream was my “How to fight in dreams” article I wrote some days ago ( in which I was talking about Dragon Ball ), because I am not that much of a Dragon Ball fan in reality and I very rarely dream about the whole universe of this manga ( although I often reproduce the attacks the characters execute ).


The whole Dragon Ball characters included in my dream were: Goku, Kuririn ( Krillin ), Vegeta, Bulma and young Trunks. All of the characters had their respective looks and colors and even personnalities. The whole dream was like an animated tv show. We were all in some sort of huge vaudeville theatre. The problem was that the entire theatre was a mess. Everything was upside down. Broken glass, blood on the stairs… Something terribly wrong had happened. Maybe someone had butchered up “Fur Elise”  on the piano and drove the audience mad or something. Who knows. The group decided to go on separate ways to investigate. I was lucky to BE Gohan ( in his young adult years ), one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe. I went with Kuririn and some unknown character on one way while the others went another way. Soon enough, we found ourselves in a small room full of zombies. Well, they weren’t typical zombies. They all had some sort of red stripe over their chest, pretty much as if they’d be strangled. That was the way to recognize a zombie. They all tried to eat us and infect us, but we fought. Unfortunately, I was separated with my friends and I had to fight alone. Those zombies didn’t put much of a fight, but they were very numerous. At some point I had killed all of them ( I would kill them by twisting their head ). I tried to find Kuririn and that unknown character, but I soon found out that they were turned into zombies as well. They tried to trick me into believing that they weren’t zombies, but I saw their mark under their neck, and I twisted their head around as well. At that point I wondered what Goku was doing, where he was and I had some sort of vision of him training ( Goku keeps on training in the manga and animated series, he does that half of the time ). Then, I went on walking down some corridor and I soon found Vegeta and Trunks and Bulma. Vegeta was CRYING because the zombies had eaten both of his arms while he was fighting to protect Bulma and Trunks. Surprisingly, even to me right now, I was very positive and optimistic in that dream, pretty much like the actual character that I was impersonating. I laughed and grew back Vegeta’s arms somehow. He was such a sissy at that point! He hugged me ( with his new arms ) but then he took a step back. He was thankful – yet in his typical way, he was angry at me because I was more powerful than he was. Then, we got attacked real bad. The zombies became more cunning and powerful with each attacks. They tried to trick us and trap us in some areas but they kept on failing. I remember we were fighting in some sort of entry with an elevator behind us. It didn’t look like the vaudeville theater anymore. It was like a basement, a secret government basement ( can’t explain it, really ). There was a soda can machine. I remember the machine very well for some reason. It had a huge red stripe on the top and white stripes below. Some sort of wave design was included to give the colors a sense of liquid-like stuff.

At some point, only Vegeta and I were left because we ordered Trunks and Bulma to leave the place for their own sake. At that point, Vegeta was fighting a lot and he was dealing as much damage as I was. This phase of the dream was pretty cool. However, all we did was fighting with our fists ( although we were executing the moves at speeds defying the natural human body ). Each punches would push the zombies at least 5 feet away. I started lucid dreaming during this fight. I’m not sure what caused it, if it wasn’t just the fact that I was fighting ( I regularly unlock lucid dreaming just by fighting some people ). I realized that, since I was Gohan, a powerful Dragon Ball character, then I should be able to generate some beams or something! Almost immediately, I created a small series of energy balls that pushed all of the zombies away. But they weren’t dead. They all stood up. At that point, I think it was because of the lucid dreaming, Vegeta was just standing there like an idiot. I was very dissapointed because I would’ve wanted him to fight with me. That would have been pretty cool. I created an extremely powerful beam and all of the zombies were eradicated. Then, just like that, Goku came in with all of the dragon balls ( dragon balls, when collected, grant wishes ). I personally made the choice to reanimate and cure all of the zombies and the ending of this so-called nightmare turned out to be very nice! Although many zombies and bad events were included in this dream, I’ve never experienced anxiety at all. I had a very feeble feeling of distress, that on a scale of 10 ( 10 being the highest ), I’d put a 1 on it. It was a dream in which I had an almost total, complete control, even before the lucid dreaming started. In overall, it was a very action packed dream, yet it was a very positive and strenghtening one. A very fun dream.