I’m having a hard time remembering entire dreams lately. I believe it is caused by a medication I am currently taking – and I am supposed to take it for about 1 and 1/2 week so I expect to have similar dreams. They are usually very action-packed with a lot of things going on at the same time. I am usually in a position of vulnerability. I actually had this dream 2 days ago but I did not find the time to type it.

Well, I am at hour house on the 2nd floor. I am with the closests members of the family once again ( I’ve been having a lot of dreams involving them recently ). Suddenly there’s some sort of SWAT team coming in! They start shooting at us. I am badly hurt. I die, but I become a ghost. As a ghost, I can see my family running away. Then, I look at the SWAT guys, and it turns out the leader is in fact an old high school friend of mine I haven’t seen in years. Traitor! I am so pissed off. I follow him everywhere. The entire place seems like a post-apocalyptic appartment. Suddenly, I realize my girlfriend has been killed by him ( without any proofs… Oh and by the way I have no girlfriend at the time ). I try to hurt him, but my punches do nothing – because I am a ghost, of course. I follow him right to the subway station. He and his team are having fun. They laugh and talk about me and how I died and how easily I was shot. That’s enough I push my ex-friend right in front of the subway and he dies in a most horrible way. I then go away, haunting the subway station and thinking about reuniting with my ghostly imaginary girlfriend.