This dream was a mess. It was a war hell ride!

In that one, I was with my aunt, her boyfriend and their little boy. My aunt was driving my mom’s car and we were heading for some camping ground with it. She was riding very fast and didn’t care about the car. When we arrived, I realized that there was a very huge hill that we needed to ride. I knew the car wasn’t made for that kind of driving, and I told my aunt to stop at the edge of it. She did not listen to me. She tried to climb it with the car, but ultimately, near the top, the car started malfunctionning and I got out of it. I went down the hill and I saw my aunt breaking down that car as if it was a piece of junk that did not deserve to live anymore. I was so angry! Then, she abandonned the car in the middle of the hill and came down walking as if nothing had happened. At that point, I saw her own car. I took a sledgehammer ( why would there be a sledgehammer? No idea. ). I smashed her car real good! I broke each and every window. I was so happy. Suddenly, her little boy turned into a girl (?) and became very angry. She started screaming at me. At some point, she had a gun. I started running away from her. I found myself in some sort of mean ghetto. I finally found home and locked myself up while the little girl gave up searching for my sorry ass. I woke up very soon afterwards. Sounds like the kind of dream Wesley Willis would’ve had.