I had some dreams I did not remember!

It is getting quite frustrating nowadays. I really do blame it on the medication.

I might write another special article tonight. I have 2 drafts right now. I also want to talk about nightmares with more details. I must say I like my blog a lot. It’s not as messy as I thought it would be. I do not get a lot of views, but as I told myself, I’m typing stuff down here mostly for myself. I’ve also been working on my two other blogs ( Le Cacographe, a french blog with upcoming prose and poetry and The Rusty Clutter, the english version with less over-the-top and more simplicity ). I am not updating those often but I’ve been typing down a lot of drafts during the week. I even think about creating a fourth blog which would contain only “good thoughts” and invite people to write on it as well. We’ll see. I must say I DO have a lot of time on my hands right now and since I’ve given myself the order of doing “only constructive things” for the year 2008, I believe this could fit in. The blog would be a feel-good blog, pretty much like a feel-good movie. Everything that would be negative, even the kinds of ” I don’t like… ” would not be allowed. I haven’t found a similar blog/webpage yet so I thought this was a pretty good idea. 

On another totally, different subject I saw someone checked out my “Dream Art” article and subsequently searched for “Frownland”; Captain Beefheart’s song. If you are this person and are looking towards discovering Captain Beefheart, leave a comment and I will be very glad to help. It’s rare to come upon someone who actually is willing to know about him. I do not believe that his CDs can be found ( perhaps in used condition on ebay or other websites of that kind ). You see, this is why I believe internet sharing through peer-to-peer is very important and should be allowed. This artist will be forgotten. He has contributed to the creation of so many bands and albums through the years, you cannot even imagine the influence he had. He is the biggest, most important musical artist in the surreal department period. All of those crazy Tom Waits albums that have been critically acclaimed through the 80s, it’s all because of the Cap’s influence. Same thing for Mike Patton’s works. If you’ve been thinking that Mr Bungle came out of nowhere, search for Beefheart’s albums he made in the fringing 1960s! The guy was way ahead of his time. Even today. I believe that his music is beyond time. It’s like a painting. And now, through all of the lawsuits and greedy people suing grandfathers and 12 year old girls, well he’s been forgotten. Lost. Totally vanished.


Well, I usually do not go mad like that in front of my computer. I could be talking about how I hate the way music is treated all day long. I’ll stop. For now.