Once again, I’ve had multiple dreams. Some of them totally escaped my memory and others left a very vague impression on me.

The first dream was about a futuristic city, very similar to those found in Japanese anime. It also reminded me of Final Fantasy VII, a game I used to play when I was a teenager. There were many tubes, tunnels and cables all around. I was with one of my sisters and some unknown people. We found ourselves on the outside of the city. It appeared to me that the sky was in fact made out of cables as well, however. We embarked on a circular plate which began to move over the ground – some sort of elevator. Men were chasing us. They were armed and wore platings and helmets. They were mostly grey and blue and did not seem as human as we were. They kept on coming in an infinite number. I kept on fighting each and every single one of them on this elevating plate. I would often push them so they would fall from the elevator. I do not remember much more about this dream, but I recall seeing a taller, darker man watching me fight at the distance.


The second dream is mostly a single image, a vision of some sorts. I was sitting on the ground with my back against a building. A companion was in front of me. We were both ninjas. He was obviously dying. I was nervous. He had a very nasty wound on the right side of his body. We had to wait, however, because we had committed an assassination some minutes ago and many other ninjas were trying to find us. I was sitting there helpless, watching him slowly dying. He wore a very dark green ninja outfit with some layers of brown. It seemed like an honorary outfit or something. Or perhaps was it made in order to hide in trees? My own outfit was black and I seemed like I was of a lower rank – or that my mission had been different that night. The dying ninja was old, perhaps in his 50s or even 60s and his eyes were grey. We had no weapons and we were helpless. We were doing nothing but looking at each others eyes trying to find some sort of meaning to the situation.