This dream was like a movie. It was so good and entertaining I did not even bother to even think about trying to make it a lucid one. It involves a lot of bone breaking for some reason!

I am with my mother. We are in the 1940s and she is trying to make it as a movie star. We rented an apartment. I do not have a job myself, and all I do during the day is to watch tv and eat. I am a very lousy person in this dream. I chose to go on top of the building to get some fresh air. I bring a small color tv with me with antennas and everything. I also have a bag of some sort of cheezy puffs or something. I wear a white t-shirt and blue jeans ( the whole James Dean thing ).

I set up my tv and I lay down besides it. As I watch the Simpsons on TV ( I guess the Simpsons existed even back then ), I see an old, fat woman looking at me from another building that is connected to the one I’m on. Soon enough she comes to me and starts hitting me with her purse, yelling Italian words at me. Another man comes in. He’s fat and he has very little hair.

He says ” Mama doesn’t like you and I do not like you either. You’d better pay the rent “.

” What rent? You don’t own this building, you live on the other building! Go away this is my place! ”

” No it’s not you fool! You will pay I tell you! ”

And then they both leave. I’ve had enough. I go down the stairs and come back to the apartment. Suddenly, the same fat guy knocks at my door.

” Time to pay the rent! ”

He has a baseball bat in his hands and his two sons are behind him. His two sons seem very strong. I grab the baseball bat before the guy can do anything and I hit both of his sons with it. I then grab the fat guy in a hold and I yell at his two sons:

” Go back to your apartment before I break all of his bones! ”

They run away. As I look at them leaving, I see that their apartment is right in front of mine in the corridor. Damn! I thought they weren’t so close to me! I’m still holding my grip on the guy as I walk towards their apartment. The “mama” is cooking and she goes totally mad when she sees me. There are about 6 to 7 people in the apartment. Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters… The whole family. The family is a mess. The whole apartment is a mess. It’s full of grease and it has no order. There’s shit all over the place. Those people don’t know how to live like human beings. I tell em:

” Now, I want to watch the Simpsons. I only want to watch the Simpsons. I don’t want no shit to happen to me or my apartment. I don’t want to start a war. I want peace. If you try anything stupid I will break your father’s bones. I’ll start with the fingers and then I’ll break both arms is that understood? All right. I will now leave you. I will let him go. Please do not try to attack me afterwards. I do not want this to end in a bloodshed. Thank you. ”

I let go of the man. I go back to my apartment. I start making some sort of breakfast with bacon and eggs. My mom comes in and she’s wearing a dress. There’s also a man with her. I recognised him later as being Alec Baldwin. She is going out with that motherfucker. He’s wearing a silly red ( wine red ) gangster suit with the hat and everything with a black and white shirt underneath it. I hate the guy. He cannot be trusted. He’s a fake. He’s a crook. My mom tells me:

” I need to prepare for tonight. I will be back in a minute. ”

Alec Baldwin sits on our couch as I make the breakfast. The couch is red, same color. The carpet on the ground is all brown-red. There is a lot of red at that point in my dream. Someone opens the door violently. It’s the Italian mafia guy. I run to the door and slam it before he can enter. I grab some sort of kendo stick and I threaten to hit him with it. To my surprise, and, unfortunately, I hear a loud ” HEY! ” coming from behind. There is a huge bald and muscled guy who looks like a heavy metal bodyguard, standing there. I forget about the door and soon enough all of the mafia family is in the apartment. Alec Baldwin is sitting there and he’s doing nothing to improve the situation. I hate him. The mafia-father-boss with little hair tells me:

” This is Fredo. And he is going to kick your ass. ”

I am pissed off, but I am not showing it. I act very arrogantly.

” So you are Fredo heh? ”

I walk towards him as I am talking.

” Well you are very strong. I obviously have no chances of beating you whatsoever, right? WELL THINK AGAIN! ”

And I kick him in the testicles. And I kick again. And again! AND AGAIN! I smash his balls. The whole mafia gang is now mad at me. I start fighting. All of them. The father, the sons and the holy spirit. They all pour out of everywhere. I execute plenty of quick moves. Suddenly, the big, bald muscled guy turned into a demon. A cyberdemon. As in the Doom video game character. He is mad. I start punching him in the face and everything, but his skin is tough. I chose to kick and punch his legs instead and I slowly start to win the fight. However, many more mafia members enter the apartment, and I am overwhelmed. I look at Alec Baldwin.

” Aren’t you going to do anything!? ”

” No. ”

And then the whole scene just fades away. Just like a movie. Then I wake up and all of my bones have been broken. My mom is there. Alec Baldwin is gone. My mom goes for a gun. She leaves the apartment and I hear many gunshots.


And then I woke up.