A very interesting and different dream. Each and every seasons of the year seemed to hold a certain role in the dream. The most fascinating fact is that I was myself at 7 or 8 years old!


I am walking on the border of an old road. There’s corn fields on both sides. It is obvious that the season is fall. I have a backpack and I am travelling. Hitch-hiking. I look around and I see a girl. Turns out she was my first girlfriend. I haven’t seen her in over a decade.

” Why don’t you come with me in the forest? ”

” Okay, let’s go! ”

I leave the road and I follow her. We soon end up in the forest. There is plenty of very beautiful plants with a rich, healthy green color. Most probably summer time. I cannot identify the plants and they seem like those found in Amazonia or similar regions. I keep on walking on a path. As I am walking, I notice that the path is now full of dead leaves and other things – it is now fall time again. Finally, we end up in an open area. There is an old, almost undone tree house. Yet, it appears to be solid and steady. There are two abandoned vehicles. A white school bus and a sky blue truck. But they are beautiful like old, forgotten treasures. Tall grass surrounds both of them. The first thing I see on the borders of the area: blueberries. It’s full of blueberries all over the place. And they seem fresh, and there are so many. Since I was travelling, I did not eat as much as I would’ve had so I eat a lot of blueberries. They taste delicious. As I eat the blueberries I find out that the whole place is now full of white, fresh snow. The snow, however, is only concentrated around the blueberries. It is in a near melting state. This makes the blueberries stand out and the whole place is extremely beautiful. I feel very calm and appeased at this point. The area appears to be made out of gold with the sun’s light.

I decide that I want to set up camp in this area. However, since I am travelling with some sort of established “laws” I chose not to sleep in the tree house or in the vehicles. I ask the girl to bring me a axe. Suddenly, I see a wood panel full of different axes. There are firefighter axes, small axes, tomahawks… Name them and you have them. I take a grey axe that seems to be the newest model of them all. I start chopping some wood. The sun is setting very quickly and I fear that I might not have the time to chop all the wood to build my little log house. I feel cold. I tell myself that I will be freezing tonight if I do not take this wood and make it into a fire. My ex-girlfriend takes care of lighting the fire. I think about all of those blueberries. Bears eat blueberries. I do hope one will not come around here tonight. My ex-girlfriend screams.

” Look behind you! ”

There is a bear. It is acting exactly like a bear, which is most fascinating to me now that I think of it because the usual dreams with animals often end up with the animals doing deeds going beyond their intelligence or skills – simply not acting like an animal should. The whole place is now very dark. The bear is slowly walking towards me, moving its head from left to right, right to left, balancing forever. Bears ( and other animals ) do that to avoid eye contact or to smell the ground. I yell at it. It stands up, avoiding eye contact. I grab some wood, but all the wood I grab is rotten. Each and every time I hit the bear, the wood breaks. The bear is angrier. It growls and breathes very hard. It knocks me down on the ground and overpowers me. I punch it.

As you might ( or might not! ) have read in my ” How to fight in dreams ” article, I frequently say that the most important thing for dream fighting is to concentrate on one fist. Even if you are not in lucid dreaming, you can still do that. Because of the frequent fights I have, I believe that, as the years followed, I developed the automatic thought of concentrating my power on my fist. This is exactly what happened. I believe that everyone can accomplish such things even without lucid dreaming. It is as if you could be able to do things found in lucid dreaming without acknowledging the fact that this is a dream. I believe it is similar to bicycle riding. Once you learn it correctly, it stays in your mind. Another example are nightmares. I very rarely run away from whatever is found in nightmares because I “learned” not to over the years through continuous battles with monsters of many kind. Some people always run away and never fight. I do believe that everyone can beat their nightmares.

As I punch the bear, I start feeling like I have some sort of power within my fist. I punched the bear many times without any results, so I concentrate on one single, fatal punch. I punch the bear right in the face and it goes back at least 3 feet in front of me. It falls on its back, and then it leaves, running away. I feel like I used all of my ” power punches “. For some reason, I felt like I only had 3 of those punches and that this was the last one. My ex-girlfriend asks if I am alright and I say “yes…”. But I feel very energy-drained. It is now night time so we decide to leave the forest and go to her parents’ house up on the hill. As I walk with her, I feel better and my energy is coming back. In the last remaining images of this dream, I found out that it was now spring time and that many flowers were growing and blooming very rapidly under the moon’s light. A very thin dew floats around the hair, highlighted by the light. It is truly a very beautiful area.

As I walk, I scratch my hand on something. I look at my hand and there is a plant all around it! I try to remove it, but I cannot. It does not hurt ( nothing truly hurts in dreams ), but I feel like it is draining my energy. My ex-girlfriend removes it as if it was nothing. I have a red “J” mark on my hand. She takes a look at it. She leads me to some sort of area where there are many bags and boxes containing many letters and numbers and other “glyphs” I cannot recognize. Finally, we find the “J” box. It is a transparent one ( it all seems natural, however… It is not like some tupperware thing ).  She opens it and there is some sort of sheet of paper in it. It has “J” on it, printed in red. It is some sort of prescription, I recon.


And I wake up.