Once again, messy dreams. It took some time before I could remember them.


I am in a basement. The basement is made out of concrete. I walk towards the stairways and I stand going up. At first, the people I see are very poor and, as I go up, the people seem healthier and richer. As I walk, I notice a dark window on the wall. I look at it, and I see a very vague silhouette of a man that is also trying to look at me from another window. He, however, has glowing green eyes. A small, brown haired boy comes to me and tells me not to pay attention to what I see through the window. I go up the stairs with him. Soon enough, we find ourselves at the top of the building. There is a very intimidating thunderstorm raging on. There are many small houses made out of glass all around. I enter one of the houses – the biggest. There is a scientist inside. There are many papers on his desk and on the ground. Many telescopes and other scientific tools. There are tools that I do not know of. I remember some sort of globe with many triangles attached to it. The scientist is looking at the sky with his telescope. It seems he is looking at the lighting bolts. He notices me and he says:

” You came just in time! Sit and watch! ”

I sit down on a very thin chair made out of aluminium. There is some sort of natural phenomenon going on at the distance. Some clouds are moving towards us in a circular form, pretty much like a ball of clouds rolling down the sky. As it comes closer and closer, the lightning bolts hit the glass building many times. I am not scared, but I feel like this place is dangerous.

I do not remember anything else. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, and then going back to sleep. I subsequently had this dream later during the same night:

I am walking with some friends. I do not know them in reality, but in the dream I acknowledge them as being my friends. There’s 2 girls and 3 guys. We are walking down on my hometown’s main street. I feel very at ease in this dream and I start singing ” I’m singing in the rain ” even if there is no rain and the sun is shining. As I cross the street, I execute a gigantic leap without really being aware of doing it at the time. Some people notice me and I try to reproduce the leap but I mess it up and I fall on the ground. I end up at my grand father’s house. There are many people all around, celebrating something. Many are waving serpentines and flags. They are all vivid red and pink. People are saying they are celebrating because Def Leppard are going to perform very soon. What the hell! I am not even a Def Leppard fan and I do not own any of their CDs. Whatever, I decide to check them out. I start noticing that many people seem to be straight out of the 80s. I can see the band preparing for the show. As I enter my grandfather’s house, the first person I see is my grandmother in a vivid red shirt, smiling, yet once again she cannot talk to me. I walk through the crowd. I scream ” I WANT A MULLET! “. I laugh at myself ( because I am aware of my stupidity or something ). I act like an idiot. An aunt of mine comes by to me and tells me that I should be careful ” cause you smell like weed “. What the hell! I haven’t smoked weed in years…

I sit on a chair. The whole place is now some sort of theatre. My “friends” are there once again, and they are having a real good fun. It seems Def Leppard is back for real. One of the girls I assumed to be my friend takes her freaking shirt of and I start acting like a perv’, touching her! What!? She likes it! I swear! Suddenly, the show starts and I forget about the girl – Def Leppard is more important! They start playing, but something is wrong. They seem not to know how to play their own songs anymore. The crowd starts booing and some people throw stuff at them. As this rampage goes on, I notice a very muscular man talking to some people behind me. He is not attending the show, and he is doing some sort of interview or something. I listen to him. He is directing some sort of school for poor children. He teaches them how to dance and do other stuff to keep them away from drugs and other problems. He seems to be pretty nice. I notice a student of his dancing the “robot” dance. I do not remember anything afterwards.

This is the third part. A very short one. I woke up immediately after. I frequently walk with my best friend near 6 to 7pm. We do that at least twice a week. We talk about nothing and everything at the same time. In this dream I was walking with him towards his own house.

As we are walking, we are having a conversation on different things I do not remember. At some point, we start talking about Easter and how we celebrate. I notice that there are many BLOCKS of cheese all around the street. It’s like people made tons and tons of cheese and decided to put the stuff in front of their houses as if it was some decoration. It’s all orange cheese. The blocks are of many size. The smallest are about the size of a fist, the biggests are about the size of a small car. Practically all of the cheese is shaped in square blocks. I grab some cheese and I taste it. It tastes awful, but for some dark reason, I cannot get enough. I start eating plenty of cheese as I am walking. My friend tells me:

” How do you celebrate Easter? ”

And my mouth is full of cheese so I do not reply. I have the thought of a chocolate bunny.

He says: ” Well, here, we are making cheese and we put it near the street in order to show it to the neighbors. It’s a tradition. ”

I suddenly understand. That cheese must not be eaten for some reason. Some of the neighbors start going out of their houses and they realize someone ate some of their cheese. They’re pissed of and they start following the path created by the partially eaten cheese. I am in deep trouble now. My friend is a real friend, and he understands what we must do. We start eating his own cheese in front of his own house in order to claim that someone ate our cheese as well.

That is all.