I am in an unknown town with a friend. All of the buildings have no walls and we can see people doing their daily things. At some point I see a blond girl with her friends and I fall for her. When then engage in a series of “spy” missions with radios and x-ray specs and everything… and we follow her everywhere. She barely notices us. In the process, I got lost in a way or another ( probably an unwilling teleportation ), and my friend is the only one following her. I chose to go to her apartment ( which she left ) to collect “evidence”. I find myself with some of her friends. One of them is especially interested in me, and I chose, for the sake of the mission, to leave the place. As I walk alone in the middle of the streets, rain starts pouring down on the city. The drops are warm and refreshing. I’m singing. In fact, I am singing ” I’m singing in the rain “. This has happened twice during this month. I must admit I am a big fan of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, etc. And I saw practically all of their movies.

As I sing, I meet some people that I do not know, and I talk with them. I do not remember what the conversation was about. The sun was almost completely gone and night was coming. I remember my friend called me over some radio transmitter to tell me that he was giving up his mission because he himself had fallen in love with the blond girl. As I leave the area, I end up near a small creek and many monkey-like beings come from all around the place and push/drag me into the creek. I do not remember anything else. This is a very good example on how negative thoughts during positive dreams can damage them.


I also had three very faint dreams. I am not sure, but I believe it was a state of sleep paralysis or something very similar. In those dreams, I was waking up/experienced something related to yesterday and something was, or felt wrong.


The first dream is almost like a vision. I was looking in the mirror and I found out that my left eye had “lost” its iris. My eye was all white with some grey in the area that my iris was. I had the thought that my eye had “turned around” and that my iris was facing the inside of my head. I tried moving my eye with my fingers, but nothing would happen. It was as if my eye was full of glue. Very gruesome vision. I was not scared and felt no anxiety. I was in a very numb state. When I woke up I thought that perhaps this was another form of sleep paralysis I had never experienced as of yet. I felt like I had really tried to open my eyes. I will have to read about this.


Yesterday, I talked with my best friend and we planned to go out to some place tonight. We are supposed to meet each other at 7pm. In my dream, I remember I was sitting on my bed and I looked at the alarm clock. It was definitely and clearly 4:16pm. My sister then came to me, and I looked at the clock once again and it was 10:00pm, right on time. I had the anxious thought that it was way too late and that my friend must have been very mad at me. When I woke up this morning, in real waking life, I looked at the clock and it was 10:00am.


The last thought is about yesterday. All of the family went to our great uncle’s farm. I was with my mother and everyone. I bought her David Gilmour’s “On an Island” about a year ago and, in waking life, I searched for this CD in her things and I never found it. I was hoping that we could listen to it while driving, because it would be long before we would reach our destination. In the end, I brought my own CDs.

In my dream, I was in her car and I just happened to find David Gilmour’s album. I put it in and I listened to the music. It was exactly the same. All of the instruments were playing in unison. It was like listening to the CD in waking life. All of the little details were there. I remember I listened to the title track of the album.


Very, very fascinating short dreams.