Good thing: I stopped the medication two days ago.

Bad thing: It will still be in my body ( blood ) for some time until I finally do not have it anymore.

That means I will most probably remember my dreams more often in about a week ( if I am right about my medication affecting my dreams, of course ).

After browsing through my blog’s stats I saw that my “Dream Art” page is the most viewed. I will update it tonight and add some more stuff. I will probably create another page with numerous youtube videos about dreams. “How to fight in dreams” also seems to be interesting to many people.

Thank you for viewing my blog and do not be afraid to ask questions about dreams, I come here at least once a day and I will do my best to answer. I often see some very interesting search keywords that make people come to my blog. Sometimes, people seem to be searching for situations within dreams ( ex: I saw a ” not being able to punch in dreams ” and also, the most interesting one: ” grandmother talks to deceased daughter within dreams ” ). I would like to help you, if I can. I might not be a pro in this, but I know at least some things that might potentially help you.

Once again, if you own a dream blog/journal yourself, give me your adress and I will add it to my links.