Two dreams last night.


This one is very short. I am in a very futuristic hospital. The walls have curves and nothing seems to be flat in this hospital. It’s full of fancy, almost surreal objects and decorations. I feel like I’ve been waiting for hours and that I’ve spent all night long waiting. I feel tired. The secretary calls my name. I step up and go in some exam room. She asks ” why are you here young man? ” and I start explaining that I am very sick. However, as I explain it, I cannot describe what is actually wrong with my body and I lie about various health problems. She prescribes me some sort of medication. I do not remember anything else about this one.


In the other dream, I am with my grandfather. The area seems like an old, almost undone city built within a canyon. There is a man roasting something. Looks like meat. There is a woman stealing cabbage and other things from a local merchant. Those people seem very poor. We decide to buy some meat from the man. As we eat it, he asks that we pay immediately. We complain about his rude manners but we pay him nonetheless. No one trusts anyone in here. We do not feel like we’re welcome, so we leave the area. We go on some sort of small roller coaster and we leave the city. We keep on going lower and lower into the heart of the canyon. There are many pine trees, a forest of pines down below. As we cross the forest, I see something coming towards us. It’s another roller coaster, but it’s driven without rails and it is coming at great speed in our direction. As it comes closer I recognize the man driving it to be Ash in the Evil Dead movies. He is, however, hostile to us. He has his trademark shotgun and he shoots at us. I remember finding some sort of “magical weapon” inside our roller coaster, recognizing the thing as being useless, acknowledging that this is a dream and in this way, the lucid dreaming starts.I start channeling and concentrating energy, almost automatically as if it was the normal thing to do. This is definitely the kaioken attack found in Dragon Ball ( view “How to fight in dreams” for more! ). I even have a small thought about my article on dream fighting on this blog as I concentrate on my future attack! With each scream, I grow in power and in size. I can now see myself in 3rd person view. I see my body changing with my muscles growing at an extremely fast pace. Lightning comes from everywhere around my body and a very bright red and orange fire surrounds me. I now feel strong enough to face my adversary. I totally annihilated him with one single punch – his body turned into… ashes! However, some “clones” of his appear behind me. I concentrate my energy once again. With each scream, my power is once again multiplied. I charge and hit all of them and destroy each and every single one of them with a single blow as well. I am far too powerful!


 I, however, woke up immediately after destroying my last enemy. Too bad! I never felt like I was vulnerable or weak. I also never felt fear or hate or anything. When I multiplied my powers through this concentration, all I was thinking about was the upcoming beating I would unleash on my adversaries. It was a very refreshing and positive experience indeed.