Well, I started this blog on April Fool’s and today I just checked it out and my blog reached 100 views. Thank you very much for viewing my blog! Also, today was the one which got the most views ( currently 16 last time I took a look ).
I uploaded some stuff in the “Dream Art” and “How To Fight In Dreams”. I also added a “Dream Multimedia” page with videos about dreams. I will give a better order to my pages soon, it looks kinda messy.

I had some dreams last night, but I do not remember them, unfortunately. I felt like it was a very anxiety loaded dream, but not really a nightmare.

Since I started this blog, I had at least one dream per night. I just had an idea. After each month I will add all dreams in a list. This way I’ll know how much lucid dreams, nightmares, etc I had during this month. If I am right about dream recollections, since I upload this blog frequently, I will probably see some changes. Perhaps will I have more lucid dreams in the upcoming months? We’ll see.