I often had dreams about a water “hole”. It’s often in a round shape. Sometimes, it is smaller than me in size, yet I manage to enter it. Once I am in it, I travel through some sort of tube that compresses my body. I usually travel extremely fast in this tube once I am in it. When I come out from the other side, I often find myself in another world. This world is often more surreal than the previous one. Sometimes, this world is hostile to me. Most of the time, I end up repeating the same dream over and over again in an almost sickening manner. This is the closest thing I’ve lived in dreams that could be compared to Alice in Wonderland.


We were walking on a path in the heart of a forest. My mother, brother, sisters and two cousins followed me as I led the way. Many exotic flowers with strange, almost alien designs were on our left and on our right as we walked on this path. The youngest of my sisters went by my side and then ran in front of us. Suddenly, she fell in a puddle of mud. The puddle then turned blue and changed to clear water. Yet, it was too blue to be true. The water itself seemed to be alive. It was about 5 feet in length – it seemed like this ” pond ” was a perfect circle. Its waves were not normal – the waves were wild. My sister was trying to go out of it, but it was clear that the water was trying to suck her into some sort of tube I could not see – I just knew it. I grabbed my sister’s hand and I got her out of there. As I saved her, I realized that this water had been troubling me in many dreams already. I thought ” This is a dream “. I looked at my family and they seemed puzzled. ” This is a dream. I just turned it into a lucid dream! “. They did not seem convinced.


I woke up.