I am in a city. The city is somewhat crowded, it’s winter, late in the evening and there are big, slow and numerous snowflakes falling from the sky. I end up at my grandfather’s house, but it’s not his actual house. There is a woman I do not know and it appears she now is his wife. She was very nice. She gave me something like hot chocolate. I remember there were a lot of unfinished paintings here and there, and completed paintings were pilled up in an area. The house was very small and compact and it seemed like a hobbit hole in some way. I left, and I do not remember much more.

Following this, I found myself at home. My cat was there, but he was getting a beating from another cat which looked almost the same as my own cat. The only thing different is that the evil cat had only one eye, the other was ” messed up ” in a sense that it seemed like some ugly fur had been growing on it. There was also some sort of “yellow disease” growing all around the thing. I separated both of them and looked my cat. He had something ” stamped ” on his side. It was some sort of advertising. It was a local furniture store’s brand name, printed like that on my cat with grainy golden and silvery colors, all in 3D. My cat then ran away. I grabbed the ” evil one eyed cat ” and looked at his ” messed up eye ” and woke up.