This dream was a mess. It involves me being naked and doing nasty stuff. For the sake of keeping this blog as family-friendly as possible, I will not describe a certain “scene” in which I am performing oral sex on a woman!


I am in some sort of mansion. Everything is made out of very fine wood. I got out, and there’s a pool right in front of me. I get inside the pool and I enjoy my time. I look around. There are countless of other “mansions”, almost pilled up in an ancient roman way. There are mansions over and under my own mansion. The whole place seems like a retirement complex or something. Very classy. There are numerous plants and trees here and there…

Suddenly there’s a woman and her chubby kid coming in. What is this? I thought I was the only one in this mansion. I also have the thought I had been renting the place. The woman said ” Oh, you must be the new guy ” and I said ” Yeah… Yeah I am… “. She tells her little boy to be careful while in the pool. As the little fat kid enters the pool, I suddenly realize I’m currently wearing… NOTHING. I am totally naked. The little boy is swimming closer and closer. At that point I can see myself overhead, 3rd person view. I turn my back on the little boy and I hide my thing against the pool but it’s too late the boy is like ” Hey you got a very odd costume hey w-w-wait a second MOMMY THE MAN IS NAKED!!! “. The kid freaks out. The mom freaks out. I freak out as well. I go out of the pool by jumping over the border and I run naked while the mother is screaming at me. I end up in another room of the mansion. But this time the mansion turned into some sort of 17th century mansion.

I feel like I’m the ” boss ” in there. There’s a fat maid baking some bread. I realize I am in the servant’s quarters. There’s about 5 servants in all, all female, from ages 15 to 40, I’d say. I go next to the fat woman just to make sure she’s doing the right thing with that bread… Suddenly I see a woman at the other side of the room ( quite far ) near a pile of flour waving at me for some reason. When I finally end up near her she’s like ” Do me. “. And I say ” No, that would not be right. You are my servant. “. But I finally chose to do her. However, I don’t have the time to do much because there’s way too much people in that room. ” Let’s go somewhere else. “. So we leave the place. We go outside. There’s a huge garden. The place truly seems realistic in a sense that it respects most 17th century scenery and clothing. We hide under a stairway. She starts undressing. What a body. She’s a statue. A goddess. Can’t believe I’m going to do her. I perform oral sex on the woman. I’ll skip the details ( unfortunately for some I guess ) to keep this blog from being flagged as inappropriate, but let me tell you I liked it, and she did too!

The fun stops when the big fat maid is searching for us. I reckon she’s in charge of all the other girls. She’s right over our heads on the stairway and we freak out. The girl goes hiding behind some bushes. As I look towards the woman, my grandpa comes out of nowhere and grabs me by the shoulder. ” Rusty, you really gotta tell your mother to quit shelthering cats in here. One of them pissed all over on the way outside. Look at this! “. And there’s plenty of ” liquids ” all over the ground, from the servant’s quarters to… me. I immediately understand that my “servant lover” was the cause for all this mess.


And I woke up.