I like that title a lot. It’s nasty. This dream is yet another vision. Very surrealistic, very artistic and inspiring in a way.


I am in some sort of hallway. There’s a red carpet all over the floor, pretty much like in theaters. The walls are brown and peach colored. There are people in front and behind me. Suddenly, plenty of horses enter the building and they run over people. The horses run over themselves as well. They are all mad horses. The bigger horse of them all is at least 15 feet tall and grabs a smaller horse by the neck and throws it away. After a short period of time, all the horses, including the gigantic one, are lying on the ground, dying. I try to heal them, but I can’t. I try to lift them so they can go up on their 4 legs, but they’re too heavy. I remember being especially powerless in this dream. That is all.