May 2008

I am travelling through many places all around the world very quickly ( flying/teleportation ). I find myself in Australia, Egypt, USA, etc. Every time I go somewhere else I make multiple photographs because I’m planning on coming back there to make a movie. I remember a large circular room with many white pillars all around it ( strongly reminiscent of ancient Greece ). There is a large blue carpet all over the place and many old people, mostly women are sitting on chairs. Then, they start moving at incredibly fast speeds and they leave. This made me remember about Ron Fricke’s experimental movie ” Chronos ” ( he is mostly known for his later work: Baraka ). Almost instantly, a music found in Chronos ( to the ones who saw the movie: The one during a play in a theatre and some other human activities ) I go to another room and everything is white and clean. There is a garden in the middle of the room. I can see a statue on the other side: An old beggar asking for an angel’s mercy. The statue is perfectly crafted. I chose to make a photograph out of it, but when I come to the statue it turns out it is now a woman and that she is alive, talking with two other women.


I then found myself at our camp in the wilderness. There are roughly 50 people all around, some that I know of, some that I don’t. I go and talk to a guy who is known to be an artist ( he is a stranger ) and I tell him that in my spare time I draw and make photography but he barely listens and ignores me in an arrogant manner. I leave him and I chose to get naked in order to jump in the lake in front of everyone! I swim in the lake and as I am looking back I can see that everyone is following me, swimming. I go back to the shore after a period of time and a woman comes to me secretly and asks ” Do you think people will notice this? ” and I can see a very small scar on her leg. I tell her ” Of course not! ” and I leave.
Subsequently, I end up in some sort of warehouse with plenty of metallic boxes. I notice that some people live in those things. I remember talking with some people here and there, but I woke up very soon afterwards.


Well yes, I didn’t tell anyone but monday, I left society for a short time in order to go to the wilderness for the first time this year. I took some photographs, but not much ( didn’t have much time ). I had some dreams including one in which I had a lucid dream and decided to go to the Dream Crossroads in order to destroy the entire place but unfortunately I was not able to recreate what I was searching for and ended up in a jazz café ( or something very similar! ).

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Well, what can I say. I have had plenty of dreams but most of them went somewhat missing from my memories. I would often wake up with frustration, trying to remember what kind of dream I had. I must say that stress is pounding on me recently. There’s the studying, the bad health of mine and the fact that I’m not getting better, the upcoming trip to the wilderness and the fact that I’m broke too. Well, fortunately the dream that I’ve had last night was one of the best I’ve been experiencing since the creation of this blog. Read if you want to know why!


I am at home and my grandfather comes to me with some wood logs in his hands. There’s so much wood already that I throw some stuff off the shelves in order to put some logs instead. At some point my grandfather says

” Rusty, you really have to do something with your life and that’s why we’re going to make a show ”

” What kind of show? ” I ask.

” Well you’re going to be a mime and I am going to juggle, I already entered both of our names for a contest so let’s prepare ourselves and practice. ”


So I practice some sort of miming thing, pushing invisible walls. After some time a train comes and I enter it, so does grandpa. It’s the train that will drive us to the contest. The train has no roof, pretty much like a little train for kids in amusement parks. It’s plain white all over and the only color there is besides white is the red on the benches. Some people are talking ( we arrive in the middle of a conversation that I do not remember ). There’s a guy with a small beard and a girl. Both of them seem to be in the beginning of their 30s. It turns out the guy rides monocycles and the girl is an experienced mime. They seem to be coming from the beginning of the 90s with grunge clothes and everything. I don’t care about miming, but the girl seems to know her thing. I look at her. She has brown hair, she is not the cutest woman ever but she has a little something in her eyes. She looks at me, smiles and keeps on talking for some time. As she talks I reckon that there is something very different with this person but I can’t really put my finger on it. She seems to be more aware of things. After some time I tell her:

” I’ve never seen someone like you. ”

” Well maybe that’s because there’s no one like me in here. ”

” And what are you? ”

” I think I’m what you could call a ghost. ”

” A ghost? Well you seem to be very good at miming, ghost. ”

” Thanks. ”

I realize the train is going way too fast. There’s a strong pressure against my back ( I am facing the back of the train ), but I do not acknowledge it to be wind. I see it as some sort of energy produced by the train’s movements ( but not wind, can’t explain ). Then, the train slows down and we disembark. Grandpa and the girl follow me. There are many people in some sort of area in a very large, lower terrain, so I walk towards that place in order to see what’s going on. I see multiple, thousands of little beings. They look like humans, but they’re very small and skinny yet muscular ( Imps perhaps? ). They all have orange hair and they all wear a very large orange beard. The only thing covering their bodies is some sort of grey pelt around their waist. There’s a large monster-like creature ordering them around. The creature looks like some sort of orange bigfoot with a very long tail. The creature wore an armor that was shiny with some red clothes here and there. Its face was hidden by some sort of metal mask. Each time the creature screams, the little men all dance, jump and scream at the same time, in unison. I walk towards the creature and when the little men finally see me, they all jump around, doing backflips and everything, praising me. I remember feeling an incredible happiness level at that point. The little men would chant and yell at the same time. The whole thing was very positive although it sounds dumb as I am re-thinking about it. At some point I felt the need to leave the place so that’s what I do. As I walk towards the building in which the contests are being held, I notice my grandpa, the ghost girl and some other guy are coming with me. The other guy, I acknowledge, is my little 11 years old step-brother but in 10 years from now. He is a man now. Before I enter the building, I notice two windows with iron bars on the ground ( at the bottom of the building ) and I realize that I know this place very well. As I enter the building, there’s a receptionnist in front of us. The whole place is very gothic themed. Everything is made out of stone and the doors are all made out of rusted metal. Some candles here and there.

” Can I help you? ” The receptionist is in her 50s. The classic one. Red lipstick, big glasses, horrible clothes.

” Yes, what is available in here? ”

” Well there’s there’s not much… There are two things in here and you cannot see them. ”

” There’s a dragon and a small ogre like child, right? ”

” How did you know that? ”

” I already came here once… About 10 years ago in another dream. ”

Now what is very interesting is that I HAD a similar dream many years ago. Although I fully understood that I had already been there in a dream, I didn’t unlock a total state of lucid dreaming when I said that. I only grew more cunning and I had the knowledge of the place. When I have a lucid dream I usually do crazy stuff but I did not even think about doing this at that point. I’m not even sure I was realizing that I was in a dream myself.


” Here’s the money ” ( I give her plenty of money I had collected somehow. The cash is all pink. She looks at the whole bundle and it’s obviously a lot of money for her and I smile, thinking that I’m going to revisit this old dream of mine with that bribe. She sees some “real” money in the bunch and I take it all back since it has no value in here. I tell the people following me to come and visit this dream of mine. They all seem very puzzled about the whole dream thing and I don’t even bother explaining it to them. The only person who is not puzzled is the ghost girl. She seems to know that this is my dream and she is participating in a more ” realistic way ” than the other characters. She is following me willingly as if this was the only thing that could allow her to ” survive “, I believe. I notice my grandfather is now gone and that the guy with the beard in the train is replacing him – but I don’t care. That bearded guy also seems to know more than the others but he seems to be following the ghost girl himself, as if he was some student or apprentice. I see them as allies in a way. My little brother’s future version is totally numb and idiotic ( typical for ordinary dream characters ). There are two new guys – a girl and a boy. I do not know them and they won’t do much in the rest of the dream.

The whole place is extremely familiar. Each time we’re about to cross an area I remember something.

” Look at the ground now! I knew it! There’s a red jewel within the stones! ”

” Wait! When we’re going to turn to the right, there’s going to be 3 torches on the right wall. ”

And there they were. I could deduce everything. I just knew the place already. However, the dream modified it’s “map” at some point and we all found ourselves in a relatively large area with a large square using most of the ground. The square was very Indiana Jones-like in a sense that it had plenty of symbols and patterns. I acknowledged that we all had to walk on a certain symbol in order to pass. I will draw this square tonight if I have the time. The square was magnificent in its details and symbols. All of the symbols were stars. There was the star of David in the middle of everything. There were more complex stars as well. Something was strongly relating to occultism there. The whole square then elevated about 4 feet off the ground by using some sort of mechanism. A stairway could lead us to the square. I was the first to look at the whole square, trying to remember this from my previous, old dream, but I couldn’t. At some point one of the nameless guys went by me with haste and tried to run over the square but he vanished, as if he had been reduced to nothingness. He also triggered some spears than came off of the square’s borders but no one was hurt. At some point I realized that we all had to step on specific symbols at the same time in order to unlock the other room. We all began to walk very carefully on the symbols but at some point my idiotic step bro stepped on the wrong symbol and he triggered a series of flying, levitating circled saws ( once again in some sort of star symbol ). I told everyone to lay on the ground and everyone did it. My step brother barely got sliced but he crouched in time. However, the saw was moving by itself ( with some sort of intelligence ) and came back towards my brother who was cut right under the eye. It was a very nasty cut but he would survive and his eye was safe. Finally we climbed down the square on the other side and the large metallic door opened. I realized that there only was my step-bro, the bearded guy and the ghost girl. She came to me and said:

” You’re going to wake up soon, you won’t be able to come back in here for a long time. ”

” I know. I wish I could have been able to finish this dream. I know the ending is amazing. ”

” You’ve been very helpful to us and I will be helpful to you one day. ”

” Goodbye. ”

” Goodbye! ”

And I woke up.

I am in an unknown house. I am naked under the bed and my ex girlfriend comes and we make love. When it’s over I look at the house and it’s all made of exotic plants and trees. I go out and it seems like I am on some remote island very similar to “Lost”. Suddenly a man kidnaps my ex girlfriend and I end up alone with the house gone. I go to some garbage dump and I take out some random items, having some sort of ” plan “. I go to the men who took her and I tell em that I will give them what they want ( money ). I leave them and after some time I see them flying away in some sort of red zeppelin and the girl just isn’t there anymore.

I then have a series of visions: Me making timelapse cinema, me picking up about 5 spiders with my bare hands and then hearing a middle eastern kind of music that is totally unknown yet fully cohesive.

I am in my own house although it is different in some ways. I’m with some men. We’re all dressed as bandits and they are stealing all of the stuff in the house. They tell me to burn the whole place so I start pouring down gas everywhere and I light it up but then I tell myself ” Hell why am I doing this? “, so I call 911 ( I remember dialing 901 first with an old woman answering and I was really pissed off! ). While I wait for the firemen I manage to put the fire down by beating it up. When they arrive I tell them about the bandits but of course I don’t mention that I was one myself.

I’m with my dad in front of my computer. I’m talking about the music I listen to. He keeps on coming back to the old times, talking about Genesis and stuff, so I say ” Hey, listen, there’s some prog music here you might like “. So I begin to make him listen to mp3s I got in my computer. I play a Dream Theater song in my player and then I chose to play a Tool song. I remember it was “Lateralus” I wanted him to listen, but somehow it turned into a completely different song that sounded like some Tool wannabe band. I then remember going outside out of frustration and finding a girl there.

” Hey! ”

” Hey! ”

We both kiss as if this was the normal thing to do. I already acknowledge this is my girlfriend. She is, however, a complete stranger in waking life.

” Let’s go somewhere else ” she says.

” Alright. ”

We end up renting a room in a cheap motel. We enter a room. There’s a bed, a mirror and some furniture. Everything seems to be falling apart. We kiss and make love. As if this was a movie, when the love scene starts, the whole dream fades away and it comes back with me tying my necklace and her in the bed ( obviously fully satisfied! ).

” How many men have you slept with? ” I asked.

” Well.. there’s one… two… three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve… ”

” Well you sure did it often with number twelve! ”

” Oh come on this was so long ago! ”

” You know, I’ve never done this myself… ” ( now that sounds illogical since I just DID it. )

After some time without words or sounds, I add something:

” It’s alright. You know… I think you should stop doing this. ”

” Doing what? ” she asks most aggressively.

” Prostitution. You shouldn’t do this… I could shelter you and we could live happily together! ”

” What! ”

She stands up. I add something that might have sounded a little bit nasty to her:

” I could pay you whenever we’d make love if that’s the reason! ”

She leaves the room by going through the window. I go to the window and she’s obviously very confused.

” How do you know I love you? ” she asks.

” Well every time we look at each other we laugh! ”

She laughs but then she comes back with the anger.

” You know nothing about me! ”

” That’s the thing! Let me know you! ”

” Yeah, YOU want to know ME? Well here it is! ”

She reaches for an old fat woman. She owns the motel, apparently. She tells the fat woman I tried to beat her up and that she ran away through the window. The fat woman comes to me. I’m yelling by the window, telling her it’s not true.


Now, there’s like 10 fat, yet muscled guys who come to me from practically everywhere. They get a hold of me and they drag me in some sort of gym. I see my prostitute girlfriend talking with some people. A girl next to her ( another prostitute ) says:

” You did it now! You really did it! We can steal all of his stuff while he is here! ”

I can see that my girlfriend is now feeling really bad about this but she’s stuck in the situation and she does not want to admit she accused me of things I did not do. One of the fat guys pushes me on some sort of barrier and he starts to put his FINGER UP MY ASS.


” We must see that you don’t have any weapons. ”

That part is most disturbing. Once he is done, he makes me sit on a chair.

” Don’t move or else I kill you. ” he says.

” Okay. ”

Suddenly, the chair falls over, but I levitate about half a feet over the ground in order to remain in the same sitting position. However, my levitation drags me towards a fat guy and he notices me:

” I can’t control myself! Sorry! Damn levitation you know! ”

” Yeah I know. ”

After some time, some guy comes and he is awarded about 20 black hockey sticks with some red and white here and there. He’s the evil guy, I reckon. He’s my girl’s pimp. He comes next to me and laughs at me. My girlfriend goes with him along with all the other bad people who were supporting my girlfriend. I break my levitation and I look at the fat guys.

” YOU SEE! I WAS RIGHT! I didn’t do ANYTHING! Now come and help me and we shall have our REVENGE! ”

” You’re damn right! We’re coming with ya! ”

We chase the gang in a corridor. We jump over many bad people, beating them in our way. I catch the pimp. I punch him and kick him until he falls unconscious and I take his hockey sticks. My girlfriend is nowhere to be found. I remember dropping 4 or 5 sticks at that moment. When I enter another corridor, I can see a guy with a camera filming the whole event. He does not film my face, luckily, and I break some sticks on my way on the walls, etc. At some point I sense the whole world is trying to catch me. The pimps, the cops, the army. I throw away all of the sticks around and I leave the building, running like crazy, jumping over multiple fences and other obstacles. I jump over some sort of really tall edge and I figure out that I am not on the surface, and I fall to meet my end. As I fell, I remember thinking HEY DAMNIT THIS IS A DREAM YOU IDIOT, having the lucid dream, and waking up almost immediately, frustrated and with a headache.

I am in a campus. There are many people I reckognize: friends, family and even celebrities. I ignore most of them. My ATV is there so I ride it around the campus. I ride it everywhere like a real jackass ( I even ride it on some carved stairs ). I remember going to a meeting where many people were… But I do not remember anything else.

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