Today was Friday, and I was very tired of my week. So from 5 to 8pm I slept in my bed. I woke up about 20 minutes ago with a very interesting dream.


It’s night time. I can see the full moon, yet there is rain ( no clouds ). I am at the edge of a forest, near a small path. I am waiting for someone. I am a ninja, once again. Since I am waiting and I have nothing to do, I walk a little and I take a look at the area. At some point, I hear someone running towards me at the distance. I hide behind a farmer’s house, and I wait. Soon enough I can see a being that is not human, yet he has human characteristics. He is smelling my presence. He is very detailed in my dream and I will have to further study Asian mythology. I believe ( as I am writing this down ) that he is a Tengu. It’s the first time I see such a creature within a dream.He is about 8 feet tall, but he is always in a bending position because of the weight pressure he has on his body. So even if he is 8 feet tall, he is about 6 feet high. His body is both muscular and not, in a sense. He has a very muscled structure around his chest, back and lower body ( which make him look like a hunchback ) but his legs and arms are very skinny. However, he seems to be extremely strong anyway. He is holding multiple objects on his back. He has some sort of a backpack made out of multiple dark colored clothes ( red, white, purple and black being the most important colors there ) and I assume that what is inside this backpack is the gold I am searching for. He has a typical Asian oil lamp on one hand and a stick on the other hand. His face is very similar to a mummy: human traits, yet all the flesh is gone. He barely has a nose. His skin is dark brown. He has a blind, white eye and a pale brown one. He is moving extremely quickly, yet stopping in an inhuman way. He moves like an insect. As I look at it, I feel like this creature is pure evil and that it has no human weaknesses. The foul appearance of the monster pushes me to end its life quickly.


I attack him. I have multiple weapons at my disposal. I first throw five shurikens in a very fast movement but the creature is extremely quick and jumps over my shurikens. It drops its gold in the same movement, because I did hit the backpack. The lamp falls on the ground and there is no light except for the moon’s. We fight within the darkness and the pale rays of light provided by the moon. His stick is as hard as my sword and he is stronger, quicker than me. His hits almost paralyse my arms. I run away, but not in a cowardish kind of way. I actually know that there is a place for me that could help me kill the creature. It follows me and it taunts me in its own language ( not similar to my own or Japanese at all ).At some point I arrive near a cliff. There is a waterfall and at the bottom there are plenty of nasty rocks. My plan is to push the creature in order to make it fall on the rocks below. We fight a little as I am running for the cliff, because it is quicker. I execute plenty of attacks, especially with some sort of bladed nunchaku ( very similar to the Vigoorian Flail from the Ninja Gaiden video game ) which repels the creature for a time. At some point, there is a large tree and we fight on its branches. Very typical of Asian mythology. I end up losing my nunchuks, deeply stuck in the tree trunk after missing a hit. The creature managed to hit me many times at that point. I take out my remaining weapon – a typical ninja sword ( shorter than a katana ).


We end up and fight at the edge of the cliff – trust me, this scene is worth being put into a movie or something! I fight with everything I have, but the creature is so strong that it destroys my sword. As it strikes the last, final blow to end my life, I roll under it by passing between its legs and I execute a kicking motion in its back as I am rolling, pushing the creature and ultimately making it fall to its death. I take a look below and I see that the creature is lying in the water, dead. Suddenly, the creature itself disappears, leaving the clothes only. I assume that this is normal for such a creature, and I go back, collect the gold, and I quickly find myself in front of who I assume to be my Daimyo. I tell him that I have killed the creature and that I have collected its gold. I talk about numbers that I cannot remember very well at that point. There was 200 000 and also 300 000 something. I believe this was the sum that was retrieved by me and another ninja ( who had killed a similar creature prior to the events ).


I woke up. This dream was so vivid, and the details were so numerous, that I will draw the scenes depicted in it. I will try to complete the drawing(s) this weekend if I have the time.