I am in a small town. It’s dark, night time, and almost immediately, I realize that this is a dream, without any prior event causing this. However, I feel like my mind is trying to fight it out ( telling me this is reality ), and I execute the kaioken concentration to push the limits of the fake physics away. Before executing the kaioken, I felt like the environment, the world itself within my dream was on my shoulders. I felt some sort of gravity, in a way. However, when I executed the kaioken last night, I must say that I felt like I had truly mastered how to recreate the concentration attack. Unfortunately, I had no adversaries, and I decided that since I couldn’t find anyone to fight, I could enter the many houses within my dream. I searched for something that could be interesting within my dream, but I failed to find anything special. I remember that in every houses I would enter, the people would fear me because I was, thanks to the kaioken, twice the size I am in reality. The houses were all the same.

I woke up very soon afterwards, but I rubbed my hands together ( a trick to return within a dream ). I rubbed them for some seconds, then I felt like I was about to return to my sleeping state. However, I soon began to wake up again and I had to rub my hands for some more time. I then came back within my dream, still lucid. I felt like my hands were very small, child-like sized. I also felt that when I would come close to sleeping, there was a darkness surrounding me. I had my eyes closed the whole time, so this wasn’t a lighting thing. I was “half awake” at that point. I wasn’t completely in control of my body ( overall movements were very hard to make ), but I was aware that I was awake. When I came back within the dream, I remember seeing my grandfather, but paying no attention to him because I knew he was not real. I didn’t talk to the people who talked to me either. I kept on trying to find something within the dream that could have been helpful for me, without actually knowing what I was searching for ( perhaps some sort of higher source of power within dreams ), but I couldn’t find anything.