The entire family is there. My best friend is also there, and he tells me ” Are you ready? “. I immediately acknowledge that some sort of natural disaster is about to hit us, but none of us knows what it exactly is. Some seconds later I have a ” holy ” vision of the Earth itself. The seas are boiling, and all of the ice found on the planet melts at the same time. I can clearly see North America being overrun by water. Suddenly, a heat comes out of nowhere and I can sense that my body is burning. I finally lose pretty much all of my skin. Surprisingly, I am the only one who actually looses any skin. My family members are hurt, but they remain the same. The heat is gone now, and I feel like it would be better to go out and get some fresh air. The landscape changed. I look back and the house is gone. I am in some sort of desert made out of dried mud. There is a friend there. She is searching for something within some mud cracks, it appears. I talk to her and she tells me ” Go help my boyfriend, he needs help “. I don’t like her boyfriend ( both in real life and dream ) because he believes I like her more than a friend, he is very jealous. I go to him nonetheless. He is not happy. He is searching for something as well, but he can’t find it. After some time I end up on a hockey pond and I am playing hockey (!). I manage to score a goal. The game seems to be over, and an announcer gives multiple gifts to a young boy who seems to have won some sort of contest. He wins playoff tickets and hockey merchandise and the kid says that he will buy a New York Rangers’ jersey. I wake up soon afterwards.


My second dream is at our cottage. I decide to leave the place. I am alone, and I start walking at the border of a road. A guy passes by with an ATV and it looks almost exactly the same as my own. I make him stop and I look at it. It has some differences. I decide to come with him ( for some reason ) and I sit at the back of the four wheeler. We start talking about how great the Honda Fourtrax series is ( hehe ), and I finally decide to leave the guy, so he stops and I start walking on the road once again. I soon figure out that night is coming very soon and that I must make a fire because I’m about to get caught in total darkness. The overall light goes away very quickly. I go at the edge of a lake nearby and I find a flashlight. I realize it is too late for me to make a fire and that I would hurt myself trying to find wood so I go back to the road and I keep on walking. The flashlight is barely making any light. As darkness surrounds me, I see two lights at the distance and I realize that this is my entire family who’s coming to the cottage. They see me and they let me come with them and my little journey ends there.