I had many dreams last night. I woke up at least twice during the night too. This led me to forget most of my dreams, but it also allowed me to have a lucid dreaming experience once again. I remembered my last two dreams. I believe I had about 4 different dreams last night. I also remember that I was constantly trying to figure out if this was a dream or not, although I do not remember the situations.


I am with my little sister and she’s driving my mom’s car. There’s something odd. She doesn’t know how to drive a car. When I figure that out, she immediately starts driving really bad, hitting cars and ignoring stop signs. As the car is still moving, I take her place and I start driving the car, hoping no one noticed us. I ride the car right to some industrial building and we stop in an empty parking lot. For some reason, I felt like I needed to go there and that it was a matter of life and death. I do not remember what actually happened in that building, but I know my mother and some “evil men” were there. I fought the men and went outside the building. Some more men came to me.

I remember seeing something very strange at that point. I believe it was something like spinning plates. I figured out that this was illogical and I found myself lucid dreaming. I immediately started channeling energy. Kaioken attack once again. Red and yellow lightning was surrounding me. I kept on screaming. The power grew within me. Since I was lucid dreaming, I tried a little experiment there within my dreams. I stopped the kaioken before ” knowing ” that I was invincible and I generated 2 beams aimed at two different men. The first beam was large in circumference and in my head that meant that the “power” was divided in some way in order to create a larger beam. The beam was about 15 feet large. Then, I generated a smaller, concentrated beam on the other guy. The beam was about 5 feet large. Both beams were yellow, just like the usual Dragon Ball beams I generate in other dreams. It turned out that the small, concentrated beam destroyed the man. The other, larger beam did not, so I concentrated again on the kaioken and I came to a near invincible status. I once again generated a beam easily without waiting and I annihilated the man. Both men vanished without leaving a trace, like all of the dream characters do when I destroy them that way.

Then, some other men were standing there. At that point, I was so concentrated on my attacks that the dream characters seemed to lack my mind’s attention to do anything. I destroyed them all with a constant beam, pretty much like a laser. The dream ended there.

The other dream made me laugh a lot. I had it right before waking up. I remember it perfectly. The overall stupidity of the scenes, the nasty, subconscious perv in me and the four random celebrities found in it makes this dream very funny to me.


I am at home. For some reason, there’s Eva Longoria, Demi Moore and Drew Barrymore at home. It seems like they’re ” friends “, ” hanging out “. I don’t even care for them. In fact, in reality, I don’t care for those 3 ( they’re not really my type, I’m more the Zooey Deschanel kind of guy :) ).So, I do daily things like laundry and everything. At some point I end up in my bedroom and there’s Eva Longoria sleeping on my bed and I’m thinking to myself ” What kind of person would sleep in another person’s bed that way? This girl just doesn’t know how to live properly. Damn celebs. They think they really own the world. “. I go back, but then I chose to do something illogical that could have created lucid dreaming – but didn’t: I chose to BE Eva Longoria. Don’t ask me how or why. I just wanted to be her. So I became her, ping, like that. I was a woman. I was living in the body of Eva. I had her entire body at my disposal, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t a perv’ in this dream for some odd reason ( if it would have been a lucid dream, man, something really nasty would’ve happened there! ). So, I was walking in my own place, being Eva Longoria.

At some point Drew Barrymore calls my name ” Eva! Come here. “. Since I’m Eva, I follow the sound of Drew’s voice. Turns out she is in the bathroom, next to a bubble bath and Demi is already in it. Surprisingly to me, I have no sexual thoughts about this. They say ” Come on, come with us in the bath. “. Drew takes her clothes off. I am extremely shy and I don’t know how to react. The bath is so small, we’ll be all over each other! I finally approach the bath and Drew almost takes my own clothes off until I decide to do it myself. I have a woman’s body. I am, like, a statue, and I like it. I like my breasts. I like my legs. I enter the bed. Drew Barrymore IS a perv and I don’t like it. She’s the one with the soap trying to wash everyone. I finally tell her to wash my back. We talk. I’m trying to act like Eva Longoria ( and since I know nothing about celebs in overall, I try to act like her character in Desperate Housewifes ). I’m really, REALLY shy. I feel like I’m about to get caught. I have the thought that ” tomorrow they’ll talk to the real Eva and figure out “I” was the one who had a bubblebath with them “. I almost freak out. I have a discussion about girl stuff and I keep on agreeing with whatever they say. This moment is very girlish and I must admit I liked it. I felt really at ease and happy at some point during that part. At some point the perv in me finally realizes that two celebrities are naked in my own bath but since this is not lucid dreaming I am afraid of doing anything so I keep on acting like Eva Longoria all the time. After some time, the bath thing is over and I find myself in some room, fully clothed, being once again the man that I am. The celebs are gone. The only remaining person is an old friend of mine. I smelled like soap. I tell him:

” Dude, I just came out from the bath and guess who was with me! ”

” Who!? ”

” Demi Moore and Drew Barrymore. Can you realize this?! ”

” You lucky bastard. ”

And then I leave him very quickly because I knew that the next question would be the ultimate ” Did you fuck them? ” and I would have to answer ” Erm… Not really. “.

The dream is not over yet.I teleport myself unwillingly in a park-like area. I have a bicycle, and I am riding it. The bicycle was an old, blue one. It looked a lot like my mom’s old bicycle she bought in the 70s. Not sure if it was this one. Lots of trees have been cut down. I acknowledge that this was done in order to build some wind turbines. You might ( or might not ) know that I live in the province of Quebec, in Canada. In Quebec, the government is really pushing really hard on being the worldwide leader on wind power ( it is already, actually ). However, they have been destroying forests to do so, and I cannot support this. So, as I was riding my bike, I just knew that they were doing that in this area, and the idea of it filled me with disgust. I went back home, but home wasn’t there. Instead, it was some sort of movie being made. I was still riding my bike, and I went down some hill ( the whole filming set was at the bottom ). I went very fast and I ultimately crashed in some movie props. Jeff Daniels was making a movie. It seemed like his character was the same as in Dumb & Dumber ( Harry Dunne ). Daniels had a gun and he was really into his acting. He was shooting some bank robbers or something. When I crashed into the props, he stopped acting, screaming ” I WANT THIS GUY FIRED! “. Since I wasn’t even an employee, I didn’t care about that until some bodyguards came to me. I tried to run away from them in multiple ways, acting like an idiot. The movie producer was there and he said ” This guy is funny, fire Daniels, I want HIM. “. So I became the star. I, however, had to learn the script, so they gave it to me and I went at some sort of area for the actors to read it. The actor’s area was some sort of freak show. There was a woman with a beard and a weird tiger. I talked to the woman and she was very nice. When I asked if the tiger would like me to pet him she said ” No! ” and the Tiger growled. I saw many other freaks in that area, including a sword swallowing man, an elephant man, a lizard man and a monkey man. I finally woke up.