I’m with my dad in front of my computer. I’m talking about the music I listen to. He keeps on coming back to the old times, talking about Genesis and stuff, so I say ” Hey, listen, there’s some prog music here you might like “. So I begin to make him listen to mp3s I got in my computer. I play a Dream Theater song in my player and then I chose to play a Tool song. I remember it was “Lateralus” I wanted him to listen, but somehow it turned into a completely different song that sounded like some Tool wannabe band. I then remember going outside out of frustration and finding a girl there.

” Hey! ”

” Hey! ”

We both kiss as if this was the normal thing to do. I already acknowledge this is my girlfriend. She is, however, a complete stranger in waking life.

” Let’s go somewhere else ” she says.

” Alright. ”

We end up renting a room in a cheap motel. We enter a room. There’s a bed, a mirror and some furniture. Everything seems to be falling apart. We kiss and make love. As if this was a movie, when the love scene starts, the whole dream fades away and it comes back with me tying my necklace and her in the bed ( obviously fully satisfied! ).

” How many men have you slept with? ” I asked.

” Well.. there’s one… two… three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve, twelve… ”

” Well you sure did it often with number twelve! ”

” Oh come on this was so long ago! ”

” You know, I’ve never done this myself… ” ( now that sounds illogical since I just DID it. )

After some time without words or sounds, I add something:

” It’s alright. You know… I think you should stop doing this. ”

” Doing what? ” she asks most aggressively.

” Prostitution. You shouldn’t do this… I could shelter you and we could live happily together! ”

” What! ”

She stands up. I add something that might have sounded a little bit nasty to her:

” I could pay you whenever we’d make love if that’s the reason! ”

She leaves the room by going through the window. I go to the window and she’s obviously very confused.

” How do you know I love you? ” she asks.

” Well every time we look at each other we laugh! ”

She laughs but then she comes back with the anger.

” You know nothing about me! ”

” That’s the thing! Let me know you! ”

” Yeah, YOU want to know ME? Well here it is! ”

She reaches for an old fat woman. She owns the motel, apparently. She tells the fat woman I tried to beat her up and that she ran away through the window. The fat woman comes to me. I’m yelling by the window, telling her it’s not true.


Now, there’s like 10 fat, yet muscled guys who come to me from practically everywhere. They get a hold of me and they drag me in some sort of gym. I see my prostitute girlfriend talking with some people. A girl next to her ( another prostitute ) says:

” You did it now! You really did it! We can steal all of his stuff while he is here! ”

I can see that my girlfriend is now feeling really bad about this but she’s stuck in the situation and she does not want to admit she accused me of things I did not do. One of the fat guys pushes me on some sort of barrier and he starts to put his FINGER UP MY ASS.


” We must see that you don’t have any weapons. ”

That part is most disturbing. Once he is done, he makes me sit on a chair.

” Don’t move or else I kill you. ” he says.

” Okay. ”

Suddenly, the chair falls over, but I levitate about half a feet over the ground in order to remain in the same sitting position. However, my levitation drags me towards a fat guy and he notices me:

” I can’t control myself! Sorry! Damn levitation you know! ”

” Yeah I know. ”

After some time, some guy comes and he is awarded about 20 black hockey sticks with some red and white here and there. He’s the evil guy, I reckon. He’s my girl’s pimp. He comes next to me and laughs at me. My girlfriend goes with him along with all the other bad people who were supporting my girlfriend. I break my levitation and I look at the fat guys.

” YOU SEE! I WAS RIGHT! I didn’t do ANYTHING! Now come and help me and we shall have our REVENGE! ”

” You’re damn right! We’re coming with ya! ”

We chase the gang in a corridor. We jump over many bad people, beating them in our way. I catch the pimp. I punch him and kick him until he falls unconscious and I take his hockey sticks. My girlfriend is nowhere to be found. I remember dropping 4 or 5 sticks at that moment. When I enter another corridor, I can see a guy with a camera filming the whole event. He does not film my face, luckily, and I break some sticks on my way on the walls, etc. At some point I sense the whole world is trying to catch me. The pimps, the cops, the army. I throw away all of the sticks around and I leave the building, running like crazy, jumping over multiple fences and other obstacles. I jump over some sort of really tall edge and I figure out that I am not on the surface, and I fall to meet my end. As I fell, I remember thinking HEY DAMNIT THIS IS A DREAM YOU IDIOT, having the lucid dream, and waking up almost immediately, frustrated and with a headache.