I am in an unknown house. I am naked under the bed and my ex girlfriend comes and we make love. When it’s over I look at the house and it’s all made of exotic plants and trees. I go out and it seems like I am on some remote island very similar to “Lost”. Suddenly a man kidnaps my ex girlfriend and I end up alone with the house gone. I go to some garbage dump and I take out some random items, having some sort of ” plan “. I go to the men who took her and I tell em that I will give them what they want ( money ). I leave them and after some time I see them flying away in some sort of red zeppelin and the girl just isn’t there anymore.

I then have a series of visions: Me making timelapse cinema, me picking up about 5 spiders with my bare hands and then hearing a middle eastern kind of music that is totally unknown yet fully cohesive.