I am travelling through many places all around the world very quickly ( flying/teleportation ). I find myself in Australia, Egypt, USA, etc. Every time I go somewhere else I make multiple photographs because I’m planning on coming back there to make a movie. I remember a large circular room with many white pillars all around it ( strongly reminiscent of ancient Greece ). There is a large blue carpet all over the place and many old people, mostly women are sitting on chairs. Then, they start moving at incredibly fast speeds and they leave. This made me remember about Ron Fricke’s experimental movie ” Chronos ” ( he is mostly known for his later work: Baraka ). Almost instantly, a music found in Chronos ( to the ones who saw the movie: The one during a play in a theatre and some other human activities ) I go to another room and everything is white and clean. There is a garden in the middle of the room. I can see a statue on the other side: An old beggar asking for an angel’s mercy. The statue is perfectly crafted. I chose to make a photograph out of it, but when I come to the statue it turns out it is now a woman and that she is alive, talking with two other women.


I then found myself at our camp in the wilderness. There are roughly 50 people all around, some that I know of, some that I don’t. I go and talk to a guy who is known to be an artist ( he is a stranger ) and I tell him that in my spare time I draw and make photography but he barely listens and ignores me in an arrogant manner. I leave him and I chose to get naked in order to jump in the lake in front of everyone! I swim in the lake and as I am looking back I can see that everyone is following me, swimming. I go back to the shore after a period of time and a woman comes to me secretly and asks ” Do you think people will notice this? ” and I can see a very small scar on her leg. I tell her ” Of course not! ” and I leave.
Subsequently, I end up in some sort of warehouse with plenty of metallic boxes. I notice that some people live in those things. I remember talking with some people here and there, but I woke up very soon afterwards.