I am at my mom’s. It’s late in the evening, perhaps is it nightime. I walk within the house and suddenly my little sister comes to me and she seems totally abandonned so I feed her with a sandwitch and then I make her brush her teeth so she can go to bed. After this, I remember checking out my mom’s bedroom and seeing her sleeping with an unknown black man! ” Well ” I think to myself ” She sure had a good time… “. As I go down the stairs I end up in a different house and there’s plenty of people holding their cats in little boxes made out of wood. Suddenly, the whole place starts shaking and the roof over our heads collapses and half of us are stuck under the debris. I am lucky to get out of that mess and I start helping everyone. All of their cats are squished. Some are dead, some are dying. I remember saving one cat but then I also recall trying to save another one and failing ( the cat had all of his bones broken ). I woke up with a desperate feeling of total lack of power.