I was Jesus. Well, not exactly. I was some sort of fake Jesus operating in Mexico. I was in a small village. Everything was dusty and dry. I found myself in the middle of some sort of village reunion and I saw a large, tall blind man and I automatically put my two hands on his face in order to heal him. I succeed and the whole village is now calling me Jesus and I embark on a healing quest all over the place. At some point I tell them:

” Where are the possessed? I must fight the demons! ”

So they lead me to some possessed people and they are very similar to the ones found in the movie ” The Last Temptation of Christ ” with Willem Dafoe. They’re all full of mud. I hold their heads violently with my two hands and I throw them away and they get back up fully conscious and no more possessed.

At some point I am led in a place where they honor the dead. It’s some sort of ” department ” with ” lockers “. All of the lockers have glass windows and we can see objects and small things within the lockers and they are representing the dead people. In reality, I once saw something very similar to this in a movie titled “Baraka” ( I already talked about Ron Fricke who made “Chronos”: he also made this movie ). I believe it was in Peru. The people who lived in very populated areas were forced to put their dead in “lockers”, all over each other because they would otherwise lack room space. A young man comes to me and says:

” My father’s last wishes were that you would bring him back to life. ”

” So be it! Bring me to him! ”

So they led me to a small locker and through the glass I could see two “figurines”. Both of them were very small ( about as long as a thumb ) and I didn’t know which one to revive. There was a pale grey one and a black-brown one. I chose the black-brown figurine. Both figurines seemed to represent the same character: A very old man, almost skeletal in appearance: holding a scythe.

I closed my eyes and concentrated my energy on the little figurine. I felt like this feat required a lot of energy and I felt weaker by the second. After some time, I opened my eyes and I saw a very bright, moving blue and white light in front of me, forming something. I almost lost my grip on the “spell” when I saw this, and I closed my eyes once again and concentrated once more. After a short time, the man came back to life, fully healed and ready to go.

While people were occupied with the resurrected man, a black man came to me and said ” Good, now we got them in our little pockets. They’re ours. Good job “. I immediately understood that everything was made up and everyone that I supposedly healed were actors or something. I was fake. I wasn’t Jesus Christ. I was asked to go see a tribe at the border of the village. Suddenly I found myself in Africa and the tribe seemed to doubt my abilities.

” Are you one of them? ” the chief asks.

” What are you talking about? ”

” The aliens. They’re all over the place. ”

” Do they look like small humans with big heads? ”

” No, they look like reptiles. They change their appearance to trick us. ”

” Well I am not one of them. ”

The chief was standing on a wooden throne. I walked towards him but I tripped and hurt my leg on a rock.

” If you are so magical you should be able to heal yourself. ”

” I can’t, I have used all of my powers. ”

” You are a liar! ”

Everyone is now chasing me. I run away and I enter a small hole. When I go out at the other side I figure out that this whole place is some sort of abandoned “Aztec super-advanced complex”. Everything in this place is beautiful but unfortunately, the tribe is chasing me. I remember that blue water was flowing out of everywhere. There were many “square tubes” with water coming out of there. Everything was made out of rocks and transparent crystals. The crystals would switch colors when I would go near them. I entered one of the square tubes and a woman’s voice said:

” Welcome to the Aztec complex, you are now heading towards the recreation commons. ”

I could still head the tribe searching for me, but I knew they didn’t see me enter the tube.

” Next is the water theater. You will be able to see moving pictures through waterfalls. ” the voice said.

I didn’t care about this thing. All I wanted was to run away. I entered in a small tube and I ended up in an abandoned fast food restaurant very similar to McDonald’s. All of the chairs were lying on the ground and the tables were full of mess as if some sort of tragedy had happened. I could see some windows at the other side of the place. There was a little girl riding her bicycle. I took a chair and broke the window ( took a couple of hits to do so ). The little girl stopped riding her bicycle and then she started riding it again, yet avoiding me. I then found myself in a very futuristic city which was extremely clean and friendly. Everyone was smiling and wore nice clothes. However, I felt like I was an illegal immigrant and I feared to be caught by the police. I saw a blond haired woman that I do not know ( but in my dream, I just knew her ). I asked her to help me. She said yes, and I woke up