I am in a very old house with spider webs. There are many old women wearing robes. I lead them to some sort of closet and they all enter it and dissappear. Then, once I am done, I leave the house and I go outside where I see many other houses. I try to enter some of them, but the doors are locked. There is snow on the ground and it’s very dark. All of the houses have light in their windows. Suddenly, the houses appear to me as being made out of cardboard. I open a door and I see a bunch of DVDs, I take one of them and it’s a movie about Tom Waits. Suddenly, Waits’ song ” The Briar and the Rose ” starts playing. Surprisingly, I now see myself in 3rd person view and I acknowledge this as being a video game. I leave this house and I go to the last one at the bottom of the town. As I try to enter it, a large iron fence pops up from the ground.