It’s dawn. I’m a police officer and we’re storming a building. As we enter it, there’s this woman I just randomly kill. Me and the rest of my team turn into werewolves. We look outside towards the rest of our team. Some turned into werewolves, some not. It’s nightime, now. We all congregate in a room. There is an older, less muscular but obviously more cunning werewolf and he’s the boss. He smells everyone, me included. He stops in front of a specific werewolf and growls, but then police cars are heard to the distance. We all move to different places within the building. Some go out, but they are shot. There is a huge spotlight scanning all the entries to the building. I go to a darker room and the werewolf who got smelled turns out to be not of our kind ( he is some sort of other species or something ). He is protecting the only female werewolf. I look at him and I have the strong feeling that he is Nicolas Cage for some odd reason. Suddenly, many werewolves are being shot by a SWAT team. We end up killing the team but with many of our kind down. We go to the top of the building. I pick a flamethrower on the ground but it is malfunctionning. The werewolf boss and I kill many men on our way. I feel like I am his second in command or something. On the roof, some more of us are being shot by some sort of special taskforce made out of cat-women ( this dream goes crazier and crazier ). They all have orange/yellow eyes and some cat attributes especially in their face. They have guns. We manage to disarm them and the boss approaches one of the cat girls and I just know he’s going to do something nasty. I go towards the Nicolas Cage werewolf and I tell him that I will do whatever I can to help him because I strongly feel that he has to do something good. During that time the boss threw his fist into the cat woman’s throat and she’s dying out of a horrible death.


I wake up.