I am with a bunch of people. About 20 persons are coming with me. It appears that we are on some unknown land or planet. The ground seems to be made of concrete and there are multiple, very large stairs all around. The air is polluted and the sky is black. There is a small cabin. A man who is accompagnying us enters it but it seems something is going wrong. He turns into a bald, moderately muscled man. He attacks plenty of our people and they all turn into bald men as well. They’re all the same. I realize that fighting them is useless and I grab a girl and off we go. At some point, however, some more men come and attack us, and I hide the girl in a small box and I fight them. I look at the sky and I ask myself ” Wait a sec’… Is this a dream? What about the light, can I change it? “. Suddenly a switch appears out of nowhere on my left ( with no walls around ). I switch it and the light is not changing. Lucid dreaming unlocked. I immediately try and create a beam in order to destroy the bald guys, but the beam isn’t strong enough. I then concentrate on creating the kaioken attack. Each time I scream ” KAIOKEN! ” I grow stronger. The red fire is surrounding my body. At some point I realize that I have enough energy to create a powerful beam. I can now see myself in 3rd person view from very far away, as if I was being filmed by an helicopter. I generate the most impressive beam I’ve been able to create as of yet, destroying perhaps 200 adversaries ( all of them ) in a single blow. The beam is as large as a house and its lenght seems to be infinite. Then, I suddenly wake up.