I am in a house. The house is the same as my mother’s, by it seems it is owned by an unknown single woman, now. She has a daughter, and she says that she is behaving strangely. I go and see her in her room and it is apparent that she is being possessed by a demon. She is spitting countless times at me and she is also puking and screaming insanities. I tell the mother that a demon is taking control over her and that the first thing to do would be to call a priest. I wake up.

After a short time, I start sleeping again and the dream comes back, rewinded.

This time, I am different. Instead of being cautious and fearful, I am arrogant and I do not fear the demon. I instantly go to the daughter’s room and I start talking to the demon itself.

” What is your name? ”

The demon speaks an unknown language. A pen and a paper sheet fly towards me and on the paper it is written ” Beleth “ ( this is a “real” demon, by the way ). The demon then starts speaking. He begins to claim that I have done multiple evil deeds and I tell him ” Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever “. During the conversation, the daughter makes multiple aggressive moves towards me but I am not impressed. It seems the daughter/demon cannot touch me and that there is an invisible barrier that protects me. The demon then says ” I have a proof of my existence. I have been here in the year 1967. “. ( Now, this is somewhat interesting isn’t it?! ) Then, I leave the girl, but she follows me and keeps on saying irrationnal things about alledged bad deeds of mine. I keep on walking and at some point, the daughter stops saying anything. The mother screams. The daughter is now dead, decapitated by itself. Some men come and they investigate the whole scene. I leave them. I begin to follow a man who is a lawyer and he says ” So, are you really a ninja? ” and I say ” Yes, of course. “. Then, we end up in his apartment. Many other ninjas appear everywhere. I jump, and I end up extremely far away over the apartment. The apartment is now lacking its roof and I can see everything inside it. I have a view extremely similar to the one I previously had in the “bald guys attack” dream. I am floating over the place. I throw multiple shurikens at the invading ninjas, killing them all easily. Then, I wake up.