Hey, I’m back. The blog will return to its daily activities for a couple of weeks, now.


I had two lucid dreams while I was gone. In both of them, I have created a new form of attack to eradicate everything in my sight! I don’t know where this thirst for lucid dream destruction will lead me but it seems that I am getting more powerful as time goes. The attack consists of a very large white ball of ” molecules “. I do not throw them by using my body like the beams. I summon them at will wherever I want them. They start as small balls about 6 feet large ( and tall ) and then they explode, covering pretty much everything that I can see within the dream. The effect is devastating. The enemies who find themselves within this ball disintegrate and disappear. The landscape flattens and all obstacles are blown away. The ball is very similar to a golf ball made out of multiple other smaller balls. It looks a lot like pixelised 3d graphics. The first time I used them was in a dream in which I was attacked by multiple armies of giants and other dinosaur-like creatures. I began to beam them away, but they seemed to come in an infinite number so I told myself that I should create something infinite as well and that’s when I decided to form this ball of white energy. The second time, I was a spy in a complex and I was discovered by the security. I got out of the building and blew the entire building away.