Sincerely, this summer has been horrible. First, the overall weather was horrible. Then, I kept on catching all sorts of crap that made me sick ( since when do you get so sick during SUMMER!?! ).


 But the bad news is that this blog is currently in suspension. Not by authorities, of course ( I might talk about nasty stuff in my dreams, but not THAT nasty. No, I am the one putting it on neutral for now. You see, I am moving out and along with the moving out, internet will be cut off for monetary reasons. I am still not giving up on dream journals, though. I will still be typing down my dreams in document formats on my PC and perhaps will I come back in here in a couple of months ( or a couple of years, I truly don’t know at this time ), and then I’ll copy/paste them all in here…


 In the meantime, I will stop my regular dream journal and I will concentrate on finishing ( or at least, I’ll try ) my numerous pages in the upcoming weeks. I was hoping that this blog would live longer… or that I’d be able to maintain it for a year or so, but I must face it – I just can’t at this time. I didn’t get many comments in here, but one thing I know is that I’ve had a lot of views. I know a dream journal is not especially the kind of blog people like to reply to since dreams are so personal. However, I know that hundreds have browsed on my blog and I do hope that a handful of you were able to find additional information on dreams.


 I don’t know what the WordPress policy is concerning inactive blogs. Maybe they’ll never delete it. I do hope I’ll one day come back in here in order to continue what I have started. You can still come and look from time to time – I might come back sooner!


 On a final note, I would say this: Humanity is different. Its differences have often been the causes for hatred, intolerance and war. But besides who we are and how we are there are a few things that connect all of us. Dreams are one of those. Everyone dreams. This is why you must reconsider the power of dreams.


There is still magic in this world!