I am back.


I have been back for some time already and I have been thinking about many things. I believe that I will change this blog or switch to another one. This blog, although it held a lot of information, has never been what I truly wanted it to be and I think that this break gave me the chance to think about a new format. I will most probably create another wordpress blog and link it to here when the time comes.


While I was away, I have been experimenting various feats during lucid dreaming. I regularly go to a world of my own ( I have yet to baptize it – I had Akasha in my mind but Nephanim beat me to it! ) and create things in there. I give life or take it if need be. It is very rewarding – almost as rewarding as a dream fight. Up to this point, I was describing my dreams in a simplistic, comical manner and I believe that in the next blog I will take my dreams more seriously and give them profound analysis. I must confess that through the months when I was away, my faith in the power of dreams has increased exponentially and it is slowly shifting my perspective of my inner self.