Well, as I said I would, I have decided to leave Dream Recollections forever and to recreate another blog with a better format. It’s not that DR was a bad blog, but it was my first blog ever and I must say that I found it to be unorganized and, truly, I have been experiencing enough things for the few past months that it does not reflect who I am today.


So, this is my last post in here… And, of course, I will give you the link to my new blog:


I have yet to construct it, but most of it is already done and ready for updates. I have decided to make this a two-themed blog. Of course, it will remain most prominently a dream journal, but it will also be the center of my own random thoughts on life, death, the physical world and what is over it, what is behind it, what is beneath and what is beyond. I’ve had many thoughts that I wanted to write down for a long time and I feel like this will be the best place, now that I’ve created it. I will not transfer my existing dream posts, but I will put many of the existing links that can be found in here ( mostly dream journals and dream websites, you know who you are ) so don’t worry – I’ll do that in time.

I have also already made a resolution. I want to showcase art in its most diverse and amazing ways. In this spirit, I have decided to create a second blog dedicated to art. If I suceed in amazing people through this, if I can make a single human being more interested in art, then my resolution will be complete. I must say, however, that this blog will be secondary, and that I will always give more importance to my dream journal than anything else. I have already found out that without a weekly dream journal, I have seen quite a low percentage when it comes to lucid dreaming… And I want this to end!

The link for my art blog will be:



I think I will start both blogs on the first day of 2009. It would be a nice and formal thing to do, I believe.


So, this is both the end and the beginning. I will keep this blog alive – I will not shut it down. With the hits I’ve had ( not sure how many are actual human beings or just plain bots surfing for some spam ), I feel like this blog is still going to be handy for some ( plus I hope a few will get this post and come to my new blog! ). Heh.