Last night was particularly agitated. I woke up plenty of times. This lead to my first false awakening since the creation of this blog. I also had a lucid part within the dream. Here it goes.


I am a very muscular man just like the men found in those ” World Strongest Man ” contests. I am bald and in my mid-30s. It seems me and other strong men are in some sort of military training camp. There is some sort of game-exam. We must search for small pills in order to collect points and get our promotion. There are multiple rooms with some people in them, acting as ordinary people. One of the guys stares at a particular area and I decide to look for it. I find about a dozen pills in a very small chest. They’re grey/blue pills. I chose to go to the captain and show him my pills but then he tells me the game is not over and that there are more pills to find. It seems to me that he does not want me to win for some reason. I search once more for the pills but I can’t find anymore. Some of the other guys find some pills, however, and I am afraid that they might have more pills than me. At some point we must all show how many pills we have and one of the guys is declared the victor. However, I come and show my pills and there is a pill that is worth about 100, 000 points and I end up winning with 350,000 points or something in the way. We advance in some sort of corridor and they tell me that the game is still not over and that it will take 2 more days in order to complete it and declare who is the winner. I’m pissed of. I decide to ride some sort of Big Wheel bicycle for kids while everyone is looking at me as if I was retarded but to me this is the normal thing to do. I reach a tent nearby and there I see Hulk Hogan and he just acts like a complete idiot. He’s sleeping in that tent and he doesn’t want anybody else in it. He pushes me with his feet just like a kid would do. I push him back and he stops and I leave the tent. As I sit on my Big Wheel, I break it and I try to ” reanimate ” it using some sort of string.

At this point I woke up and went back to sleep very quickly.

I came back in the same dream. This now was a lucid dream. I started thinking that this could be the time to try something new within a lucid dream so I decided to eat people. The strong men all converged on my position and attacked me, but I was invincible. I was eating their skull and faces and the interior of their body was all brownish, and their brains seemed to be like living larvas. It was a very gruesome view, but I wasn’t exactly eating that. I felt that I was eating the energy that they were made of. I ate plenty of people, but then I woke up, or so I thought, and I had a false awakening.

I was in my bed and my mom came and I told her that my father didn’t call me yet ( I am still waiting for his phone call right now in reality ). I also told her that a friend of my little brother called me because he couldn’t reach him ( which was the cause for my first awakening ( what kind of person calls at 8:30 am on Saturdays! )).

I went back into my original dream once again. I was not aware that this was a dream anymore. I was much more violent and aggressive in this dream. I found a man with a bodyguard and told the man that I could kill the bodyguard and that he was worthless and that he should hire me. The bodyguard went for me. He was thin with large black glasses and dark brown hair. I hid in a bathroom and some sort of weird looking guy was there. I acknowledged him as being an ambassador. He had a mustache similar to Salvador Dali’s, wore a white suit with a purple tie and a purple blouse underneath the suit. He also had a huge ball of hair. He was very funny looking. The bodyguard came in. I took the ambassador’s tie and strangled the bodyguard with it using a shower pole. Once he was dead, the ambassador and I left the place and he rode in his car. I was looking at the people and they all seemed like zombies. We passed next to the building in which I had trained earlier and everyone seemed to be drinking all of the water they could find. They seemed to be water zombies. I woke up.