I am in a house. The house is the same as my mother’s, by it seems it is owned by an unknown single woman, now. She has a daughter, and she says that she is behaving strangely. I go and see her in her room and it is apparent that she is being possessed by a demon. She is spitting countless times at me and she is also puking and screaming insanities. I tell the mother that a demon is taking control over her and that the first thing to do would be to call a priest. I wake up.

After a short time, I start sleeping again and the dream comes back, rewinded.

This time, I am different. Instead of being cautious and fearful, I am arrogant and I do not fear the demon. I instantly go to the daughter’s room and I start talking to the demon itself.

” What is your name? ”

The demon speaks an unknown language. A pen and a paper sheet fly towards me and on the paper it is written ” Beleth “ ( this is a “real” demon, by the way ). The demon then starts speaking. He begins to claim that I have done multiple evil deeds and I tell him ” Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever “. During the conversation, the daughter makes multiple aggressive moves towards me but I am not impressed. It seems the daughter/demon cannot touch me and that there is an invisible barrier that protects me. The demon then says ” I have a proof of my existence. I have been here in the year 1967. “. ( Now, this is somewhat interesting isn’t it?! ) Then, I leave the girl, but she follows me and keeps on saying irrationnal things about alledged bad deeds of mine. I keep on walking and at some point, the daughter stops saying anything. The mother screams. The daughter is now dead, decapitated by itself. Some men come and they investigate the whole scene. I leave them. I begin to follow a man who is a lawyer and he says ” So, are you really a ninja? ” and I say ” Yes, of course. “. Then, we end up in his apartment. Many other ninjas appear everywhere. I jump, and I end up extremely far away over the apartment. The apartment is now lacking its roof and I can see everything inside it. I have a view extremely similar to the one I previously had in the “bald guys attack” dream. I am floating over the place. I throw multiple shurikens at the invading ninjas, killing them all easily. Then, I wake up.


I am with a bunch of people. About 20 persons are coming with me. It appears that we are on some unknown land or planet. The ground seems to be made of concrete and there are multiple, very large stairs all around. The air is polluted and the sky is black. There is a small cabin. A man who is accompagnying us enters it but it seems something is going wrong. He turns into a bald, moderately muscled man. He attacks plenty of our people and they all turn into bald men as well. They’re all the same. I realize that fighting them is useless and I grab a girl and off we go. At some point, however, some more men come and attack us, and I hide the girl in a small box and I fight them. I look at the sky and I ask myself ” Wait a sec’… Is this a dream? What about the light, can I change it? “. Suddenly a switch appears out of nowhere on my left ( with no walls around ). I switch it and the light is not changing. Lucid dreaming unlocked. I immediately try and create a beam in order to destroy the bald guys, but the beam isn’t strong enough. I then concentrate on creating the kaioken attack. Each time I scream ” KAIOKEN! ” I grow stronger. The red fire is surrounding my body. At some point I realize that I have enough energy to create a powerful beam. I can now see myself in 3rd person view from very far away, as if I was being filmed by an helicopter. I generate the most impressive beam I’ve been able to create as of yet, destroying perhaps 200 adversaries ( all of them ) in a single blow. The beam is as large as a house and its lenght seems to be infinite. Then, I suddenly wake up.

This dream started out as a very strange and funny one. It then turned out into a horrible nightmare that led to a lucid dream experience. I believe it is actually a series of dreams I had through the night. I think they were not connected. Because of this, I chose to put this entry in my three main categories ( ordinary dreams, nightmares and lucid dreams ). The first part is an ordinary dream in which I had no power. The nightmare began with the second dream and ended with the third one. The lucid dream was a very short phase of the third one which was mostly a nightmare all the time.

I am at the edge of a forest. We are on the top of a very high rocky cliff. I am there, as always, and there are other people. There is a rich and arrogant Englishman, a Mayan chief, a little french guy, “Brad” from Discovery’s “Last One Standing” and myself. In fact, it is just like “Last One Standing”. This show was all about some guys with different physical jobs and attributes. They would compete in local sport tournaments all over the world. This time, it seemed to be in the Canadian wilderness. There was a cameraman, a producer, etc. We are all going to compete in something. They explained us that we were going to race. The first part of the race would be on feet through the forest. The second and final part would be on canoes down a river. I thought that I had the most chances of winning since I’ve actually been doing this since I am a kid.

So, we went off. However, the last remaining detail was this: We had to take our canoes to the river. So we all had our canoes over our heads. The chief was the strongest. It was like that whole thing was a joke. He taunted all of us. He was extremely strong even if he was not muscled. He twisted Brad’s nipples ( which is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a dream for a long, long time ). He went ahead of us in a flash. However, he kept on changing directions because he did not pay attention to the actual race track we all had to run on. He kept on trying to go through the woods like a madman. At some point we lost him. I decided that since we had a lot of running and walking to do, I should find a teammate. I asked the french guy ( since I am french Canadian ), but he refused. I asked the Englishman and he said yes immediately. However, when I was telling him that we should do this or do that ( since I knew a lot on how to move through the forest ), he kept on ignoring me. At some point he got tired and decided to set up camp. We were still at the edge of the cliff, but now we could see the river. Since we were ahead of everyone, I chose to set up camp as well. The sun was setting. The whole forest was orange. Orange Crush. As I looked at the forest I saw a small canoe riding down the waves like crazy. It was the goddamn chief. That guy was way ahead of us. The Englishman said:

” He’s going to get killed! ”

I decided to leave the Englishman. The chief was pushing my limits. I was admiring him and I wanted to beat him to gain his own admiration. There was some sort of little wooden bridge leading to the bottom of the cliff. We had previously put our canoes down the cliff, so I went down to some little wharf. At that point, I tried to hop on my canoe, but it sank. I then saw the Frenchman and Brad through the trees, cursing. I realized that they had tried to trick me. I took the Englishman’s canoe and went off. At that point, it was all about me and the chief.

The river was a nasty one. Lots of waves, lots of rocks. All of the TV guys were gone. I was all alone. I battled through the waves for some time. At some point, night came very quickly and I found myself in complete darkness. As I was going with the flow, I had the strong impression that the chief had died – or had lost himself – without evidence. At some point I started seeing better through the darkness. The moon was particularly impressive for some reason. It just seemed like it was so bright and bigger. There were some dark clouds hovering all around. The rocks became bigger. Lots of huge rocks would be as tall as 6 to 10 feet over the water’s edge. They were all pitch black rocks. The water had a very subtle dark blue color. The whole river was extremely wild at that time and was highly dangerous. I couldn’t see much.

Then, something happened. I realized that the rocks were in fact Whippets. Yep. And the water was all made out of chocolate. I had a taste of the water and I laughed. I then started trying to grab some of those huge whippets as I was going down the river. That part was a lot of childish fun. It was like in ” Honey I Shrunk The Kids ” when they find that huge cookie. Suddenly, I could see the finish line at the distance. I was asking myself ” Is the chief alive? Was he the first to cross the line? “. When I arrived, I saw about 200 people waiting for me. They were all cheering and the TV crew was there and everything. The chief was not there. People didn’t seem to care. I soon figured out that they thought I was the Englishman because the canoe had his flag printed on it. In fact, 95% of the people were English and had English flags. They were all cheering the wrong guy. I laughed hysterically and told them that I was, in fact, the french Canadian guy. The whole place stopped cheering and I was like ” HOW IS IT TO BE BEATEN BY A FROG HEH!? “, ” FEELS GOOOOOD! “. I kept on acting like a total jackass.

This is the second part of last night’s dreams.

I was at home. Well, it wasn’t “home” but it had most of the rooms. The things included in the rooms were different, however, and I finally acknowledge the place as some “apartment of mine”. Two girls were hanging out with me. There was my 16 years old cousin and her friend. Both of them were using a computer. At some point, the whole “apartment” turned into some sort of moving vehicle. Something like a train. There were no walls on both sides. Suddenly, a creature came out from under the apartment’s floor and started assaulting the girls. I fought it and it ran back under the apartment. That creature was of humanoid form but had elongated fingers. Its head was pretty much like the shape of someone wearing a hood. The creature, on the other hand, seemed to be made out of some transparent ectoplasmic material. I could push it and fight it like any physical being but it did not seem to get hurt in any way. I could see layers of white here and there, some sort of spider web I acknowledged as being its “veins”. It came back from under the apartment many times. Perhaps 3 or 4 times. Every single attack would diminish the girl’s size. The creature would also become smaller in size. In the end, the girls and the creature were less than a feet tall. It became more difficult. Catching the thing was difficult. One of the girls got ” lost ” in my dirty laundry and I had to remove all of the laundry to find her.

At that point, I became more cunning and less frightened of the creature. I decided to get the girls to be the bait. I put the girls near a small hole on the floor ( the creature came out of it earlier ). I waited and waited. The creature’s hands then came out of the hole. To my surprise, its hands were as big as they were at the beginning. It didn’t bother me that much, however, and I grabbed them. Unfortunately, its hands “decomposed”. I looked into the hole to see where the creature was hiding. Surprisingly, I saw many people walking in distress. I soon realized that they were in fact in my own apartment. I got my head out of the hole and I walked down a small corridor and I found a secret entry. It was a sliding door within the walls. As soon as I opened it, I saw about 5 guys. They were all young teenage boys. They all seemed like total nerds. They had a computer too. I somehow figured out that they were orchestrating the whole scheme. The creature was some sort of virus they sent to the girls’ computer. I started punching and hitting them in every way I could. They all remained in that little secret room, crying and cursing themselves for being naughty little nerds.

I called the cops. They came almost immediately. The cops were very impressed with me and how I caught the boys. I was pretty proud of myself! However, the cops were not paying attention to the nerds and one of them escaped. I even told the nerd ” Don’t move! ” but since I wasn’t a cop, I assumed he didn’t care. I told the cops about it and they didn’t seem interested or preoccupied in any way. I was getting really pissed off at those stupid cops. I asked ” You are going to find out who he was by interrogating his friends… right? ” and the cops were like ” Erm… Yes… Yeah, yeah… “. I asked the question again. They just seemed like a bunch of idiots.

This is the third and final part of last night’s dream(s).

It all started in some sort of school. I came in the school and everything seemed right. I called grandpa through my cellphone ( I don’t even have a cellphone ). He wasn’t answering so I got connected to his answering machine. I asked him to “bring me the report whenever he can”. I do not even know what I was talking about. I walked down the hall. I heard noises in a room, so I checked it out. There was a woman and her little boy near the entrance. All of the other people ( about 10 in all ) were trying to hold someone. That someone was screaming in a very mad way. Through the people I could see a woman. She was the one being held by force. She was undergoing some sort of mutation. She seemed to grow in size and in strenght. She kept on screaming. Her screams became louder. Her voice was also changing. She started screaming like a man, and then she just screamed like a wild demon. The people started losing grip. Everyone was freaking out. Suddenly a huge, bald mutant crashed through the wall and came into the room. It was like Hulk and Popeye’s child. He was at least 10 feet tall and his arms were gigantic. He smashed everyone in the room. I escaped with the mother and her boy. There was some small Jeep in the hall. They came in it with me. I drove it. I started driving the Jeep through different corridors. Lots of lockers were on both sides. The nightmare was totally controlling me at that moment and I was trying to run away from it.

After a while, the mad, gigantic woman came right in front of us and started running towards us, smashing the lockers in her way. I made a 180 degrees turn with the small Jeep only to find out that the gigantic man was on the other side. To hell with it! Pedal to the metal, I went straight for the gigantic man. And the gigantic man was coming for me. At the last moment, I turned on the right and the gigantic couple smashed themselves and collapsed. I believe both of them died at that point. However, I felt a strong feeling of urgency. There were some things near the entrance – ” food for the poor “, I told myself. I took all of it and put it in the Jeep. Lots of cans and peanut butter ( for some odd reason ). I told the woman to go to the forest ( same forest as in the beginning ) with the Jeep, food, and her boy. I went back inside the school to check out for more food. I felt like the whole human race was nearly extinct and it was my duty to preserve it.

As she rode away, the Jeep started malfunctioning and eventually stopped by itself. Something had happened. I went outside and I found the woman screaming at a very dark and tall being holding the boy through some sort of mind manipulation. The boy was standing in front of it, paralysed. I confronted the being. The whole being was the embodiment of evil to me. However, it looked a lot like the usual depiction of death, with the whole black hood and everything. It did not have a scythe. It appeared to me, for an instance, that it was a human being disguised. On the other hand, its neck, even if I could not see it through the clothes, seemed to be at least 3 feet in lenght. This also reminds me of a creature found in Japanese mythology. A very similar creature can be seen in the movie “Spirited Away”. I could very barely see any body parts. I saw its face in a short moment and it appeared to me like it was performing continuous transfigurations. Its hands were very similar to the other creature I was talking about earlier. It had grey hands, elongated fingers with an advanced articulation. It seemed like it had a least 3 more joints. At some point, it let go of the boy and concentrated on me. I was concentrating on its head. I could not see the face no more. There was a lot of black smoke coming out of the being. We started having some sort of mind battle. It was trying to diminish me in some way or another. I was also trying to diminish it, in size. I had the thought that this was “The” Devil, Satan, or Lucifer or however you might call him. Lucid dreaming came through that fight. I started overpowering him. Its head was now fully visible and it was an ugly, bald man. It had white, blind eyes. The head grew smaller in size as I was fighting him. Then, the head became very small, it screamed and vanished. The whole being collapsed and died. Only the clothes remained.

Yet another alien dream… Man! At least it ended up with lucid dreaming!

I am at our family’s house. It’s late in the evening, it’s summer time and I chose to go out and sit on the chair near the porch. Suddenly I feel the strong urge to look at the sky and, there it goes, a UFO made out of flickering lights. Red, then blue, then purple, then yellow, then red comes back and repeats the process. An alien is now on the ground. Yet another grey alien, but he is contradicting the usual popular depiction: he is about 5 feet tall, thin but not skeletal, his eyes are as small as mines and he has a nose. He gives me some sort of CB radio or something. He tells me I will need it later. He then disappears in the darkness and as I look to the sky, the UFO is now gone. I enter the house, and now I sense an extremely frightening sense of urgency and I order my mom, my sisters and my brother to shut down the lights and to lock themselves in a room. As I shut the last light I can see a strong spotlight on the street. I look into the window and there’s this big grey robot with plenty of lights and its led by some guys wearing orange caps and orange bulletproof vests. They all have flashlights and for some reason I am persuaded they are alien beings.

As I look through the window I finally realize they are conducting a raid in the neighborhood and they are taking all of the people living in the surrounding houses. I instantly freak out, noticing that the porch light is still there, asking those aliens wearing orange caps to come and take my family. I run to the switch and turn it off. Almost instantly there’s one of the guys with the orange cap and a flashlight who comes to inspect the porch. I run back to my family, hoping they’re still alright. They are. However, the guy is now trying to open the door I had locked. I look back at my family and I realize that we’re now in the cellar, which is totally illogical. The lucid dreaming experience pops up and I find out that this is all a dream so I run to the guy and I punch him, and I punch and I punch and he literally is turned to ashes because of my fury punches! Superb! Some other guy spots me and he shoots a purple ray that drained some energy, but then the thought of this being a dream gives me back my strenghts and I rush to him. I start concentrating on creating some sort of fire barrier in front of me and as I collide with him I destroy him with some sort of atomic super check!! And then, I wake up. Alarm clock once again!

What a cool ending to a shitty dream my friends!