Well, as I said I would, I have decided to leave Dream Recollections forever and to recreate another blog with a better format. It’s not that DR was a bad blog, but it was my first blog ever and I must say that I found it to be unorganized and, truly, I have been experiencing enough things for the few past months that it does not reflect who I am today.


So, this is my last post in here… And, of course, I will give you the link to my new blog:

I have yet to construct it, but most of it is already done and ready for updates. I have decided to make this a two-themed blog. Of course, it will remain most prominently a dream journal, but it will also be the center of my own random thoughts on life, death, the physical world and what is over it, what is behind it, what is beneath and what is beyond. I’ve had many thoughts that I wanted to write down for a long time and I feel like this will be the best place, now that I’ve created it. I will not transfer my existing dream posts, but I will put many of the existing links that can be found in here ( mostly dream journals and dream websites, you know who you are ) so don’t worry – I’ll do that in time.

I have also already made a resolution. I want to showcase art in its most diverse and amazing ways. In this spirit, I have decided to create a second blog dedicated to art. If I suceed in amazing people through this, if I can make a single human being more interested in art, then my resolution will be complete. I must say, however, that this blog will be secondary, and that I will always give more importance to my dream journal than anything else. I have already found out that without a weekly dream journal, I have seen quite a low percentage when it comes to lucid dreaming… And I want this to end!

The link for my art blog will be:


I think I will start both blogs on the first day of 2009. It would be a nice and formal thing to do, I believe.


So, this is both the end and the beginning. I will keep this blog alive – I will not shut it down. With the hits I’ve had ( not sure how many are actual human beings or just plain bots surfing for some spam ), I feel like this blog is still going to be handy for some ( plus I hope a few will get this post and come to my new blog! ). Heh.


I am back.


I have been back for some time already and I have been thinking about many things. I believe that I will change this blog or switch to another one. This blog, although it held a lot of information, has never been what I truly wanted it to be and I think that this break gave me the chance to think about a new format. I will most probably create another wordpress blog and link it to here when the time comes.


While I was away, I have been experimenting various feats during lucid dreaming. I regularly go to a world of my own ( I have yet to baptize it – I had Akasha in my mind but Nephanim beat me to it! ) and create things in there. I give life or take it if need be. It is very rewarding – almost as rewarding as a dream fight. Up to this point, I was describing my dreams in a simplistic, comical manner and I believe that in the next blog I will take my dreams more seriously and give them profound analysis. I must confess that through the months when I was away, my faith in the power of dreams has increased exponentially and it is slowly shifting my perspective of my inner self.

Ok, as I am typing this down, I can assure you that I am not back – yet!…


As I previously said, for monetary reason, I would quit internet for some time after moving out. However, after further analysis ( I always wanted to say that ), it turns out that I might be able to keep it. I’ll probably write back pretty soon if I do make it.


I believe I’ll handle this blog much more seriously if I ever come back. I’ve had multiple ideas for it and I must say that I miss it a lot. I hope everything works out well.


I am amazed to see that I still have many views per day even though this blog is pretty much offline. My dream art page has over 1000 views now. Pretty impressive… I wasn’t expecting this.

 Sincerely, this summer has been horrible. First, the overall weather was horrible. Then, I kept on catching all sorts of crap that made me sick ( since when do you get so sick during SUMMER!?! ).


 But the bad news is that this blog is currently in suspension. Not by authorities, of course ( I might talk about nasty stuff in my dreams, but not THAT nasty. No, I am the one putting it on neutral for now. You see, I am moving out and along with the moving out, internet will be cut off for monetary reasons. I am still not giving up on dream journals, though. I will still be typing down my dreams in document formats on my PC and perhaps will I come back in here in a couple of months ( or a couple of years, I truly don’t know at this time ), and then I’ll copy/paste them all in here…


 In the meantime, I will stop my regular dream journal and I will concentrate on finishing ( or at least, I’ll try ) my numerous pages in the upcoming weeks. I was hoping that this blog would live longer… or that I’d be able to maintain it for a year or so, but I must face it – I just can’t at this time. I didn’t get many comments in here, but one thing I know is that I’ve had a lot of views. I know a dream journal is not especially the kind of blog people like to reply to since dreams are so personal. However, I know that hundreds have browsed on my blog and I do hope that a handful of you were able to find additional information on dreams.


 I don’t know what the WordPress policy is concerning inactive blogs. Maybe they’ll never delete it. I do hope I’ll one day come back in here in order to continue what I have started. You can still come and look from time to time – I might come back sooner!


 On a final note, I would say this: Humanity is different. Its differences have often been the causes for hatred, intolerance and war. But besides who we are and how we are there are a few things that connect all of us. Dreams are one of those. Everyone dreams. This is why you must reconsider the power of dreams.


There is still magic in this world!

I know! I said this blog would return to its daily activities… And once again I couldn’t do it! This time I got some eye infection that kept me from looking at any kind of light and since computer screens generate light ( duh! ) I couldn’t use the comp for about 2 weeks. I am now taking some medication with eye drops and stuff and now I’m getting better but just looking at the screen right now is getting my eye pretty tired. So that means I will not update this blog YET… But I had plenty of dreams and although I might have forgotten some of them, I want to write them down as soon as I feel okay with this eye thing. So, unless I am cursed, I will update this blog in a couple of days or so…

Hey, I’m back. The blog will return to its daily activities for a couple of weeks, now.


I had two lucid dreams while I was gone. In both of them, I have created a new form of attack to eradicate everything in my sight! I don’t know where this thirst for lucid dream destruction will lead me but it seems that I am getting more powerful as time goes. The attack consists of a very large white ball of ” molecules “. I do not throw them by using my body like the beams. I summon them at will wherever I want them. They start as small balls about 6 feet large ( and tall ) and then they explode, covering pretty much everything that I can see within the dream. The effect is devastating. The enemies who find themselves within this ball disintegrate and disappear. The landscape flattens and all obstacles are blown away. The ball is very similar to a golf ball made out of multiple other smaller balls. It looks a lot like pixelised 3d graphics. The first time I used them was in a dream in which I was attacked by multiple armies of giants and other dinosaur-like creatures. I began to beam them away, but they seemed to come in an infinite number so I told myself that I should create something infinite as well and that’s when I decided to form this ball of white energy. The second time, I was a spy in a complex and I was discovered by the security. I got out of the building and blew the entire building away.

I’m not dead yet. I went to the wilderness and now I’m back, but I expect to go there next week. This will probably cause the blog to be updated less often but I will write some of my dreams here if I have enough time.

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