In this page I will put everything that is about dreams within the realm of multimedia. Everything that is related to dreams in videos and music can be found here. I will probably frequently update this page so make sure to check it out from time to time.




 Film Title: Dreams

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Main Actor(s) Involved: Akira Terao and Martin Scorsese

Description: In this scene, a man finds himself looking at the art of Vincent Van Gogh and has the opportunity to talk to him by entering one of the paintings. It is one of the many dreams Akira Kurosawa had himself and reproduced in the movie.


Film Title: Solaris

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Main Actor(s) Involved: George Clooney and Natascha McElhone

Description: The 2002 adaptation from the science fiction novel. This is the story of man who goes to a space station located near a planet called Solaris. He finds out that something went wrong with the mission. The remaining scientists all seem to be mad. The reason why is because Solaris itself is a living being and it can only communicate through dreams and/or reality shifts. A very good story about a possible alien encounter that we, humans, would fail to understand.


Film Title: Spirited Away

Director: Hayao Miyazaki, Kirk Wise

Description: Spirited Away is an animated movie about a family who goes on a road trip but eventually get lost on their way. They enter a mysterious tunnel at some point and they find themselves in a spirit world with plenty of surreal scenery and characters highly inspired and related to the Japanese mythology known as Shinto. This movie won multiple awards and is considered one of the best animated movie of all time. Here is the trailer:






Artist(s): Aphex Twin

Song Title: Come To Daddy

Description: The song is not that much about dreams, since the music itself does not leave room to lyrics. However, the video ( along with other videos from Aphex Twin ) has a strong nightmarish feeling to it. I must warn you that some of you might find this a little bit scary.


Artist(s): Arcade Fire

Song Title: Rebellion ( Lies )

Description: In this song, the singer explains that he believes sleeping is not necessary. He believes that dreams can be lived in reality. This is the video they made for the song. It was also their first single.


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