I do not consider myself a drawing artist, but I believe I got some skills. Since I can reproduce things in a fairly accurate way, I decided to draw my dream scenes and characters when I feel the need to do it.

I will not draw the dreams in an artsy way here. That means I will not use all of my skills in order to improve my drawings. I will mostly draw characters and areas in a sketchy kind of way without detailed environments unless they are a real necessity. I believe I describe the whole place well enough in my writings… and I must admit that I intend to use my dreams in further painting studies and perhaps make something much better in a couple of years or so. We’ll see about that in time!

Even though I don’t think anyone will rip my stuff off and claim it to be their own, I warn anyone who claims to have drawn the following that I will do everything in order to legally put you down! Same thing for those who would use my drawings in order to make money or other forms of gains. Using my drawings for educational purposes is allowed but I’d like you to inform me if you ever put the drawing somewhere.


The Tengu


Full dream description: https://dreamrecollections.wordpress.com/2008/05/02/japanese-bounty-hunter/

Tengu information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tengu

This dream was a very vivid one and the monster seemed very real to me in my dream. This dream led me to draw the monster I was hunting down as a ninja. In the end, I managed to kill it. It was using an unknown language. It seemed to me that this monster was coming straight out of Japanese mythology. In my dream, I knew that this monster was in fact a tengu. What is interesting is the fact that I knew already about the tengu and that this monster didn’t look like one. Another interesting fact: through my subsequent readings following this dream, I studied the tengu in a deeper manner and read that they are said to be able to manifest themselves through dreams.


One Response to “My Own Dream Art”

  1. M G Raymond Says:

    I see a figure inside the head. The ear is the figure’s head and the brow line and nose form a shoulder and arm ending in a fist. The eye is negative space between the arm and torso. The mouth resembles a narrow shield.

    Thanks for your site.

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