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My complete list of nightmares since the creation of this blog

When you experience them, nightmares always produce extremely high levels of feelings such as fear, anxiety, helplessness and despair. When you find yourself in these situations, you will never have “fun” in your dream. However, in my opinion, nightmares also have positives aspects. They are the most action-packed dreams. They are the dreams that create the highest feelings. Because of this, you will often remember your nightmares. Remembering nightmares is the first step towards controlling them. You can remember them most easily because they marked your mind with all of their scary creatures and horrible events.

In this article, I will talk about many things concerning nightmares. This article will probably be one of my biggests, if not the biggest. I will update it frequently for some time, until I think I’ve made my point. I will talk about my own nightmares and how I deal with them. I will also talk about the creatures and beings found in my nightmares. It is a very personal article, as you might guess. I will, however, provide some links for different subjects that will lead to some good Wikipedia articles as well.

Why are we having nightmares?


Man, if only we could answer this question just like that! You will now know why I love dreams so much. Everyone has dreams and nightmares. Science cannot deny the existence of dreams. However, no one, not even a genius has been able to say ” This is what causes the dreams and nightmares. ” They are still unexplained. They are mysterious, yet no one can deny their existence. That’s why I love dreams and even nightmares so much. Of course, there are many theories. Some of these theories can be considered very possible, almost obvious. However, there is no proof that any of the following theories concerning nightmares in particular are true. I will give you all of the theories I’ve found myself in the following list. It has both scientific and mystical approaches. The rest is up to you. I have my own personal belief about dreams, but I do not wish to “insert it in your mind by force”. So, here are the many possibilities about nightmares ( I will not discuss each and every single theory and I will not provide additional information at this point ( perhaps later ) – it is a very basic, popular science kind of list ). Note that some are very global and some other only concern a few things:

  • It is a form of epilepsy, a seizure.
  • Nocturnal asthma.
  • It is created by desires we keep hidden within ourselves ( mostly of sexual nature ).
  • A nervous, worldwide “sickness”.
  • It is nothing but a “bad” dream just like there are “good” dreams.
  • It is the result of a disturbing event which happened in real life.
  • It is the result of what we ingest ( ex: some people say that if you eat pickles before sleeping you’ll have nightmares for sure )
  • It is the creation of the greatest of all Evil: a Demon, Satan, or any other evil figure in order to cause us troubling thoughts.
  • You have nightmares because your body is fighting a sickness or disease.
  • Your brain is creating nightmares in order to “clean” itself, removing plenty of unimportant details from your memory, pretty much like when you delete files from your computer.
  • Your brain creates good dreams. However, it might commit a “brain bug” and lose control of it, allowing bad thoughts to enter the dream.
  • Some people believe that when you dream your spirit ( soul ) moves to other worlds, other realms, other universes. In this state of mind, they believe that when someone has a nightmare, it is because the person went to a world that is hostile to human beings.


Many nightmares involve creatures. Many are not found in reality. They are usually very hostile and their only goal seems to cause us harm. Here is a list of creatures I, myself, found in my nightmares:


  • Greys.The typical alien race since the 90s. I, however, have never seen them with big, bulbuous eyes. I have always seen them with eyes more similar to ours. They are not hostile, but they sometimes hurt me in a way or another. It seems to be more of an experimental nature, however. They have little interest for what I might say or what I might feel myself. They always work in numbers. In practically every dreams I have with them, it is near our cottage, in our cottage or in a forest. They are usually near a disk-shaped UFO. Sometimes they are helpful in some way or another. Some other times they seem to think that I am a nuisance and they shoot me with a purple ray – it sometimes comes from the UFO or by some sort of little gun they hold. They are about 4 feet tall.
  • White aliens. Practically the same thing as the greys. On the other hand, they are the ones with the huge eyes. Each and every time I saw those in my dreams, I acknowledged that they were greys wearing protective suits. They do practically the same things as the greys. I usually dream of them being within a city instead of a forest.
  • Caucasian aliens.These ones are the most frightening. I always find myself in what I acknowledge as being their spaceship. They have similar traits as the greys, but their skin as a lot of imperfections. They look a lot like us in many ways. They have noses, eyes, mouths but have no hair. Some have brown and blue eyes. They are about 5 feet tall. They have a very wide mouth with no teeth. They never talk. They often look at each other. They always seem very angry and are violent. I often am pushed by them. They often lead me into different rooms. There are a lot of dark green – biological – corridors. They have a thumb and three other fingers. They are naked but have no reproductive organs. They never really execute “typical alien exams” on me. They are usually pushing me or dragging me in different rooms in a never ending way. I never cooperate with them. When I scream they put their hand on my face or they slap me. Extremely scary.
  • Black rods. I have had some dreams with those, but less frequently. They are like black, wet and reflecting rods. They are like black mirrors. They have two pair of extremely skinny arms and look a lot like insects. They have no faces. I never went into their ships, but they let me have a look at a “window”. I saw many other rods working in it. They all seemed connected by cables. They are the most peaceful and kind race I have found within my dreams. They never hurt me and they would be extremely gentle if they ever wanted anything from me. I remember they took a blood sample from me. I am, however, including them in this list since this is the only alien list I’ll make.
  • Human aliens. Sometimes I sense that within a dream, there is a human being that is not what he seems or claims to be. I acknowledge it as being an alien, without any evidence most of the time. Their appearance differs from dream to dream.
  • Red aliens. Rarely saw them, but I will add them nonetheless. They are cannibalistic and extremely violent creatures. Their appearance is the same as humans without any skin. They have sky blue eyes. I can see their muscular structure. I had two dreams with them. In each dream it involved a king and a queen alien.


  • Disk, oval shaped. The typical UFO, often associated with greys. They often bear a series of revolving lights. Colors change. Purple, red, yellow and blue are the main colors I see very frequently. This UFO either ignores me or concentrates on me. Even if it ignores me, it causes me the most extreme fears I have experienced in dreams. When it concentrates on me, it is always hostile. I have often been shot by some sort of thin purple laser that contained a very faint rainbow of colors ( purple was the major color ) that drained my energy.
  • The freighter. It looks a lot like a hammer. I have often had dreams about a very large freighter about the size of a building. It is usually hovering, not moving at all. In any case, it is always in the sky at some distance. It has many complicated patterns and designs I cannot understand. Contrary to the disk, this one seems extremely complicated. It looks a lot like the popular depiction of future human space ships. I once had a dream with it in which it was night time. It had many lights of many colors that would execute a certain routine. In each dreams involving this UFO, there is another, smaller craft that attacks it with blue “energy balls”. When that happens, the freighter goes away at an incredible speed, leaving the other smaller craft behind ( the sheer sight of it terrifies me ). I often acknowledge the smaller craft as being human-made yet being more advanced than anything known at this time.
  • Revolving lights. Those lights rarely have been in my dreams. I, however, had a dream in which I was standing on the edge of our cottage’s lake during night time, watching the stars. The lights came. Red and blue. They would revolve and execute some sort of “dance” in the sky. They shot a purple ray ( once again the recurring purple ray ) at me and I woke up.

Ghosts & Undead:

  • Zombies. I often found myself in various situations which included zombies. The zombies are very rarely people I know myself.
  • Undead soldier.I once had a very short yet traumatic nightmare involving an undead roman soldier which led me to my first night terror experience. I was in a vast, infinite world made out of mist. At some point at the distance, I could see a purple, grey and black figure coming towards me. It was “jumping” through multiple teleportations. It would come very close, about an inch from me, and then it would repeat the process again. Each time it would come back, it would be faster and faster. In the end, it was teleporting extremely quickly and I was experiencing extreme levels of fear.

Demons & Devils:

  • Hell.I once had a dream in which I was in hell. “The Lord of Hell” himself was searching for me. This led me to go through various ” rooms “. The entire place appeared to be a cave with an infinite space. I could not see to the distance because there was a thick red smoke in the air. Blood and bodies were everywhere – it was the ground itself. There were plenty of pools made out of butchered body parts. Many pillars of bones were all around. The Lord of Hell was not seen – it could only feel him searching for me.
  • Black hooded figures.Some black hooded persons turned out to be demons in my dreams. They look a lot like the Nazguls or the popular, worldwide known death character. I very rarely see their faces.


  • Lawyer monster. Read my ” The Dream That Started It All ” article to know more about this one.
  • Grey-purple troll. I had some dreams when I was a child involving a 4 feet tall grey and purple troll. He would look like a child, but he had sharp teeth with very little hair. He would often attack me from under the bed. Very similar to the monster on the plane in the cult Twilight Zone movie.
  • Giants & Ogres. I sometimes have nightmares involving human beings turned into giants. They are always hostile at that point. They are also very strong and quick.
  • Sea & Lake monsters. I recently had some dreams involving a monster living in our lake. It would change its appearance in every dream, but the main “storyline” was often the same. It first was some sort of eel, then it turned into more of a dinosaur and then it became a three headed dragon. In every single time, I was extremely scared and could not control my fear of the creature.
  • Bigfoot. I recently had a dream involving a bigfoot. It is included in this blog.
  • Suckers. I had a nightmare involving multiple little beings that would bite my body and drain all the energy out of it by sucking it all out. They were green and seemed very able to swim.
  • Scorpion people. I have had an extremely frightening dream some years ago involving little scorpion beings that had the bodies of scorpions but the faces of human beings. They had glowing red eyes. They would come in my bed and attack me.
  • Ten-gu. A monster from Japanese mythology. It is said these monsters can harass people within dreams.

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