Oh, I know what you’re going to say! ” Rusty, you believe in so much crazy stuff! You are losing all of your credibility! “. Well, first of, I have no credibility… I’m but a guy typing down my own beliefs.

To tell the truth, I am not sure if I believe everything I am going to talk about in the following article. However, if you give some room to the theory that reality is but another form of dreaming, and if you acknowledge the fact that you can accomplish supernatural feats in dreams, then you can possibly imagine that, perhaps, there are beings who might be able to come here, in our own reality, through some way or another, perhaps similar to our own dreaming system, and that they might be able to accomplish supernatural stuff as well.

I might also point out that, to me, unexplained, paranormal phenomenons can be divided in 2. The first part are natural phenomenons that our lack of knowledge keeps us from understanding, but that we will, one day explain with scientific proofs. The second part are “outside” phenomenons” that are, and will be impossible to explain because they are connected somehow to another reality/universe ( or something similar ) that we might never be able to see, visit, touch, etc.

Spring Heeled Jack

This character is, by far, my favorite one. He is very different from any other paranormal being that we usually talk/hear about. The very interesting fact about this guy is that, contrary to other beings, his own powers rely on what seems to be mechanical, futuristic tools. Other creatures usually possess some sort of “comic book power ” like teleportation, flying, etc.

Here is Wikipedia’s article on Spring-Heeled Jack. I recommend that you read it if you have no idea of who he was:


… I will also skip many details found in the article so it is very important that you read it!

Spring Heeled Jack is mostly known for being able to jump at extraordinary heights. He was said to be very ugly, had a particularly long chin, wore some sort of skin-tight black and white suit along with a metal helmet and metal claws. It is said that he could spit fire and that his eyes would glow red. He assaulted young women and slapped various people on the cheeks. He would often laugh in a maniacal way. The overall sceptical conclusions of the whole Spring-Heeled Jack phenomenon was that either he was a hoax created by a man ( see the following article for more insight ) or that he simply was a product of the imagination of some people which turned into mass hysteria.

Another very fascinating fact is that this character has very similar ” cousins ” around the world. Here is a list of beings which looked and acted a lot like Spring Heeled Jack:

I remember reading the evolving story in newspapers, almost each and every day. The whole thing seemed to cause much distress within the Indian capital. Of course, as a North-American, to me, the entire story was highly comical and I would often talk about it with friends ( even though I eventually learned that some people had DIED during the events ). However, following readings concerning the Monkey Man led me to Spring Heeled jack. Both of them seemed to be highly similar. Both had mechanical-like attributes such as a metal helmet, metal claws and glowing red eyes both would produce some sorts of sparkling flames. The only explanations I can personally find for the events in New Delhi are either that someone created a collective hysteria based on the Spring Heeled Jack character, or that the Monkey Man truly was there and that he was either Spring Heeled Jack himself or a similar ” product “.

Yet another creature, extremely similar once again. During the 1940s, he assaulted people and could apparently jump very high. Unfortunately, not much information is actually given and this leads to thinking that the entire character is only an urban legend. Who really knows?

A little bit less like the Jack, the Gasser is, however, perhaps, the most “realistic” being in this list. It is said that the character would spray gass on its victims. Pretty much every victim suffered from various sicknesses. The Gasser was said to wear tight clothing and also wore an helmet. Some claim that he was in fact a woman disguised as a man. Some claims that he would spray his gas with a flit gun. In 2003, a book written by a former resident of the area where the attacks occured wrote a book on Farley Llewellyn, who he suspects to have been the Mad Gasser. The proofs and claims found in this book push the possiblity that Llewellyn was in fact that Mad Gasser. When the gassing attacks stopped, his family put him in a mental institute.

Probably the most well known paranormal creature in this list, the mothman was some sort of gargoyle. It was very tall ( from 6 to 7 feet according to witnesses ) and could fly. Movies such as the “Mothman Prophecies” were made about him. Just like Spring Heeled Jack and the Monkey Man, the Mothman had glowing red eyes.

This creature had similarities with both Spring Heeled Jack and the Mothman. It also had glowing eyes, had clawed wings.


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