If you do not know what sleep paralysis is, I strongly encourage you to read the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis 

Since I have been experimenting sleep paralysis, I thought that, perhaps, I could write a little something here about it. I will share my own experience. This doesn’t mean that you will/have been experiencing the very same thing. I have learned enough about it to know that it is different from one person to another. However, there are some things that seem to stay the same.

What caused it:

In every single case, I was sleeping in the afternoon. The more light you have in the room the strongest the feeling of discomfort is. I would usually sleep in the afternoon because of lack of sleep during the night, not because I was working at late hours – I do believe this is an important detail because I believe the phenomenon is only caused when a certain “normal sleep balance” is disturbed. I also believe that sleeping on your back is very important.

What happens:

Well, basically, you are paralysed at some point. You are trying to wake up, but you can’t, even thought you seem to be able to see the area you are sleeping in. Sometimes you are able to move but you cannot control your movements. You often find out that your mouth is open. Moving requires an extremely strong will.

Many feelings will bloom into you. At first, it can be fear. On my part, since I have experienced often, I come to be extremely angry. Usually, after being “angry enough” I am able to break free from sleep paralysis.

The most stunning effects of sleep paralysis is the environment around you and your body. It might be blurry, but you will often find movement where there shouldn’t be. There might be slow, revolving, flying movement on your side but you can’t see it. There is a strong feeling of discomfort. I often hear a strong buzzing noise similar to a machine covered with pillows.

The greatest phenomenon associated with sleep paralysis is the visual contact with an hovering entity pressing down your chest. You feel as if a typical human being would sit on your chest, but there is nothing. The entity I can see is of complete humanoid form ( head, arms, legs, even fingers ) made out of very thin white smoke very similar to the smoke coming from the exaust of cars during cold days. The smoke is always revolving in some sort of circular movement  and always seems to follow the same path in the entity’s body. The entity had no face, no physical attributes like hair or skin. I would say its lenght is about 5’11” feet. My personnal impression is that it is totally hostile and wants to enter my body in order to live in it. The closer it comes to me, the stronger the buzzing noise is. When it comes too close, I usually get very angry and it goes back a few feet over me and then the scene repeats itself for some time. The entity is always the same. It is always alone. It is always hovering right over me.

Makes you wonder, heh…



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