This dream had an extremely long lucid part. I even told myself, during the dream ” Man, this lucid experience is getting quite long! “.


I am in a house. It appears a party has been going on for many hours and now people are sleeping everywhere; in the available beds, in the bath and even on the floor. Some are awake but they seem tired. I walk in a room and there’s this guy with a big black beard fondling a girl’s breasts. When the girl sees me, she gets mad at me but the guy just tells her to shut up because ( apparently ) this is my house. Next to them is a girl sleeping, and since I feel naughty, I chose to undress her. When she’s completely naked, I get tired of this, and I leave the house. The lucid part started at that point and I can’t see any sort of factor which could have made this dream lucid – it just popped up like that, I figured out I was dreaming ( perhaps is it because I just totally undressed an unknown girl, something I’d never do, something which seemed somewhat impossible? ). In any way, I first wanted to destroy the place, but the two girls ( the one who was sleeping and the one with a guy ) come to me ( the naked one now fully clothed ). They start bitching me and they tell me that I’ve been acting like a perv’ and everything ( obviously my conscience playing a part here ). Since I know I am dreaming, I pay very little attention to them, but them I chose to try something. I grab their arms and I make them turn to ashes. I walk towards the exit of the house and I find them back in the garden and they come back to me. I do the same thing by grabbing their arms. At this point I figure out that I am wasting time with this dream and the thought that this lucid dream is getting pretty long crosses my mind. I close my ” dream eyes ” in an attempt to teleport myself to another area. I try to imagine the ” Crossroads ” ( see the dedicated page on this to know what I’m talking about ) and I recreate the environment with that blue receptionnist and everything but then I feel like this is useless and I begin to recreate another environment – a forest but I wake up!!!


Hey, I’m back. The blog will return to its daily activities for a couple of weeks, now.


I had two lucid dreams while I was gone. In both of them, I have created a new form of attack to eradicate everything in my sight! I don’t know where this thirst for lucid dream destruction will lead me but it seems that I am getting more powerful as time goes. The attack consists of a very large white ball of ” molecules “. I do not throw them by using my body like the beams. I summon them at will wherever I want them. They start as small balls about 6 feet large ( and tall ) and then they explode, covering pretty much everything that I can see within the dream. The effect is devastating. The enemies who find themselves within this ball disintegrate and disappear. The landscape flattens and all obstacles are blown away. The ball is very similar to a golf ball made out of multiple other smaller balls. It looks a lot like pixelised 3d graphics. The first time I used them was in a dream in which I was attacked by multiple armies of giants and other dinosaur-like creatures. I began to beam them away, but they seemed to come in an infinite number so I told myself that I should create something infinite as well and that’s when I decided to form this ball of white energy. The second time, I was a spy in a complex and I was discovered by the security. I got out of the building and blew the entire building away.

I see two armies. Both of them are separated by a small sea. I fly around, looking at them at a great distance. One army is about to launch a naval strike. At the middle of the sea, there is a boat full of warriors, but it seems that they are scouting the area to prevent the fleet from being attacked. It seems that the warriors attacking are Mongols and that they are invading Japan. The sea is grey with a brown mist hovering all around. It gives the whole vision a ” sepia ” look. To many Mongols, Genghis Khan died but accessed the status of a holy being, a god. Perhaps am I Genghis Khan looking at Kublai Khan’s army?

I then find myself in a golden palace with diamonds on the walls and silvery pillars. I have a small group of warriors behind me. We are all bearing different colors. Our armors are full of precious stones. My own armor is white and golden and I have two small, very sharp swords. I have an helmet and a mask. From my knowledge on medieval japan I believe that I am Takeda Shingen, a legendary ( yet real ) warrior who was renowned for his fierce and courageous nature. We arrive in front of a throne and there is an emperor who is hiding behind his personal guard. They are all red samurais. On the left and right of us, there are two groups of warriors who are now attacking us. On the left, there are warriors wearing armors with the same colors: black, green and white. They all have yari spears. I cut their yaris with my swords and I manage to kill many of them, but then I see that my warriors are behind killed by the other group on the right. They are red and white samurais wielding no-dachi swords ( very long katanas ). I manage to kill many of them, executing feats only a skilled warrior could execute. I jump very high and I run very quickly, attacking and slaying my enemies and then I wake up.

I’m not dead yet. I went to the wilderness and now I’m back, but I expect to go there next week. This will probably cause the blog to be updated less often but I will write some of my dreams here if I have enough time.

I am in what appears to be Stalingrad with plenty of soldiers, some Russians, some Germans. This is obviously happening during WW2. I am surrounded by the soldiers. It appears my arrival has made them stop fighting. There are some tanks here and there. There is a heavy smoke, a fog of war over our heads. They ask me questions in german and russian, but since I cannot speak these languages, I do not answer and they begin to get mad at me. There’s a guy with a knife and he wants to stab me. I see a man, sitting and sleeping, his head and arms on a table. It’s Sigmund Freud! I walk towards him and I tell him to help me and every time I say something, he covers his hears so he can keep on dreaming. And I wake up.

I am in a very small house. There is a large man who is killing multiple people. I realize that this is a dream and I rip his head off… And that’s pretty much all that I can remember!

I am in a house. The house is the same as my mother’s, by it seems it is owned by an unknown single woman, now. She has a daughter, and she says that she is behaving strangely. I go and see her in her room and it is apparent that she is being possessed by a demon. She is spitting countless times at me and she is also puking and screaming insanities. I tell the mother that a demon is taking control over her and that the first thing to do would be to call a priest. I wake up.

After a short time, I start sleeping again and the dream comes back, rewinded.

This time, I am different. Instead of being cautious and fearful, I am arrogant and I do not fear the demon. I instantly go to the daughter’s room and I start talking to the demon itself.

” What is your name? ”

The demon speaks an unknown language. A pen and a paper sheet fly towards me and on the paper it is written ” Beleth “ ( this is a “real” demon, by the way ). The demon then starts speaking. He begins to claim that I have done multiple evil deeds and I tell him ” Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever “. During the conversation, the daughter makes multiple aggressive moves towards me but I am not impressed. It seems the daughter/demon cannot touch me and that there is an invisible barrier that protects me. The demon then says ” I have a proof of my existence. I have been here in the year 1967. “. ( Now, this is somewhat interesting isn’t it?! ) Then, I leave the girl, but she follows me and keeps on saying irrationnal things about alledged bad deeds of mine. I keep on walking and at some point, the daughter stops saying anything. The mother screams. The daughter is now dead, decapitated by itself. Some men come and they investigate the whole scene. I leave them. I begin to follow a man who is a lawyer and he says ” So, are you really a ninja? ” and I say ” Yes, of course. “. Then, we end up in his apartment. Many other ninjas appear everywhere. I jump, and I end up extremely far away over the apartment. The apartment is now lacking its roof and I can see everything inside it. I have a view extremely similar to the one I previously had in the “bald guys attack” dream. I am floating over the place. I throw multiple shurikens at the invading ninjas, killing them all easily. Then, I wake up.