Here’s the F.A.Q…. Truly, no one “frequently asked questions” in the first place. I’m only trying act like a popular and busy guy! Here you’ll find answers mostly related to my own ideas and conceptions of life, dreams and the afterlife.

On the overall subject of dreams

  • Q: So, what do you think dreams are for?
  • A:  I believe dreams are very important for all of us. In dreams, we often face surreal events. Those events often defy reality. This led me to believe that dreams are the tip of the iceberg concerning everything that could potentially be over the borders of reality. This means that, to me, dreams are the closest thing to alternate realities, other universes and planes of existence. With this idea in mind, I try to improve my dreams.
  • Q: So, basically, you are saying that you believe in alternate realities and that dreams can somehow improve your chances of travelling in those realities?
  • A: Yes. The afterlife, heaven ( or hell ), alternate realities, multiverses, etc all mean the same to me at this point. To me, this next world is the one we reach when we die. I do not believe in any religion, but I support the idea of another world after this one. It might not be heaven or hell or whatever you might think it is so that’s why I’m concentrating on dreams – to prepare for the unknown. As I said, they are the closest thing to my conception of what will come.
  • Q: That explanation means that you’re throwing away all of the scientific approaches towards dreams and the brain’s implications!
  • A: That’s not a question, but yes, in a way, I am. I believe the human brain has, of course, a huge part on dreams. To me, the brain is a filter. It’s like an antenna, getting signals from a satellite ( the other reality ) and transmitting the whole thing in your TV ( dreams ). In this spirit, I believe that the brain has a lot of importance. And, of course I read a lot on this. I know practically everything that is needed to know about dreams, so I am aware of, say, the R.E.M. sleep phase. I am not that kind of guy who throws away every single scientific explanations. However, I believe science has yet to prove the existence and non-existence of many things. That is why I still believe so much in the power of dreams.
  • Q: But are you that kind of guy who deals tarot cards everyday, wearing 10s of talismans and burning candles every single night?
  • A: Haha, no! I live a very simple, daily, ordinary life. The only place I’m sharing my thoughts on dreams is right here. I sometimes talk about my dreams with my family members and best friends, but I know when to stop. I’m a big hockey fan, I curse quite often, I get drunk at least once a year, etc. I am not a saint, nor am I someone who claims to hold some sort of power or knowledge unknown to the rest of humanity. I am not a guru or a sect leader or whatever! I only believe in what I chose to believe in and my thoughts, ideas and most importantly, ideals come from my own interpretations of life. I follow no religions as of yet. I do not practice any rituals of any sorts.
  • Q: Ok, let’s go back to the basic dream questions, now. What kind of dreams do you usually have? And what about the nightmares?
  • A: Well, my usual dreams often make no sense. They are mostly ridiculous to me when I remember them, but when I am experiencing them through dreams, I usually take them very seriously unless the lucid dreaming phase starts. My dreams often involve paranormal phenomenons and beings. I often find myself at our family’s cottage. This cottage is completely isolated from society. In my nightmares, I often find myself in a desperate situation. I also often have contacts with UFOs and alien beings and those happen mostly at our cottage or in a forest, which led some of my friends to believe that I was ” taken by aliens at least once and that my memory was erased “. I do not believe that because I have dreamt too many different situations involving those ( to me, a repeating ufo nightmare could be something real, but that never happened regularly ). I also have nightmares involving other creatures such as demons and evil spirits ( angry ghosts ). I also have nightmares about ” monsters “, creatures who don’t really look like demons, spirits or typical aliens.
  • Q: What made you believe so much in the power of dreams?
  • A: Well, I recommend that you read my article about my grandmother to know more about this.
  • Q: You talk about and give links related to parapsychology and occultism, what’s the deal?
  • A: Well, parapsychology ( the study of paranormal phenomenons ) has always been of interest to me since childhood. I believe that my curious nature is the reason. I also began to think about the possibility of paranormal phenomenons to be caused by something related to dreams. You see, in dreams, you can accomplish various reality-defying feats. I came to realize that if the reality we live in right now is some other sort of dream, then it is a possibility that other beings and phenomenons can manifest themselves here as well in a similar process. As for occultism, well it’s another thing. I only began to study the subject seriously not so long ago and I do not have enough information as of yet to guide you. However I have read enough to know that in this domain, people seem to be very selfish and/or secretive about their own knowledge of occultism. One will often deny what the other is claiming and vice-versa. There is a constant battle between authors. I find it very difficult to have a straight view on the subject right now. The only thing I can say is that the whole occult world is about enlightenment of one’s self. In this spirit, it is not so different from many religions who include rituals or meditation systems.
  • Q: Talking about other religions… How come you rarely talk about those? What about christiannism, buddhism and everything? Don’t you believe that at least one of those religions is true?
  • A: Well, I believe that like most people, you already knew about those things. Of course, if you really don’t know who Jesus Christ was, or what simple meditation is, then perhaps you should check out Wikipedia or rent a book at the library and learn for yourself. I believe, like some people, that most religions hold some sort of truth in their own way. However I am not ready to claim that ” I, Rusty, am part of “this” religion “. When I was a baby I was baptized according to the roman catholic way, but since I did not do so willingly I believe that this ritual was of no significance at all. I don’t even need to deny it legally to prove it to myself. If I do join a religion one day, it’ll be after reading pretty much everything that was needed to be read about religions. I will also need some undeniable “sign” I still did not get. I must admit that buddhism is perhaps the most tempting one at this point.


On this blog and the internet


  • Q: What gave you the idea for creating this blog?
  • A: When I had my 360 degrees dream ( see article ), I immediately started working on this blog. It seemed like an important dream and I felt the need to talk about my ensuing dreams to improve my chances of experiencing similar dreams in the future. Since my only dream confident died some years ago, I chose to create a dream journal here on wordpress. I like wordpress a lot, I might add.
  • Q: Why do you have so many links leading to Wikipedia articles? Do you truly believe that everything in there is right and accurate?
  • A: Well, no! I don’t. I am perfectly aware that it’s often people like you an I – “ordinary” people – who are working on improving Wikipedia. However, I believe that their system, in a long-term period, is the right one and ultimately, whether you like it or not, Wikipedia will most probably be the most important source of knowledge for humanity on the internet. I am also a member of wikipedia although I very rarely do anything on the english part of the site. I most often modifiy articles found in the french version. I regularly check out, create and modify articles related to Mongolia, most precisely the Khan dynasty era since I hold a lot of knowledge on this matter. I also help a little in the music and movie departments. I am also involved in some articles about medieval japan. I am not very active on wikipedia. In any ways… I chose to support the website by linking its articles. Although I cannot guarantee the authenticity of everything that is said in the articles, know that I have read all of them and that, from what I know, practically everything seems to be accurate.


On myself

  • Q: Is everything you’re saying is right?
  • A: Of course not! I might be wrong in every single thing I am typing down here. I am doing my best to explain my personnal views on dreams and related things. These are only personnal. As I said in my blog many times, I did not study in any domain related to dreams. I am also doing my best to inform you on the many other views concerning dreams. If you feel like what I say is not the same for you, or if some tip ( ex: Lucid dreaming tips ) do not work for you, that might mean it only works for me or some other people. I often say that I do not hold the truth. I am only giving my opinions. If you are really concerned about learning more on dreams, I recommend that you read more dream blogs like this one.
  • Q: Do you own other websites?
  • A: Yeah. But I do not update them as much as this one. I own another wordpress blog, called the Rusty Clutter. It mostly has dumb stories and crappy poetry. I do not recommend it to anyone! It’s mostly for my own self/selfish amusement and time killing. I am not writing anything serious there. I very rarely update this blog. Most of my “posts” are drafts. Most are unfinished and some are just kept in the drafts because I do not wish to share it with other people at this instance. It is a more personnal blog, where I will sometimes share my interests with people. I also own a DeviantArt account. I usually upload nature photography, but I also draw some stuff when I have some time to waste. I very rarely upload stuff. I check out my private messages from time to time… I am not a very active member of DA, but I like the community nonetheless.
  • Q: Is there a way for me to communicate with you?
  • A: Of course, you can comment on any article if you wish. I am very interested on having bystanders expressing their thoughts on the overall world of dreams. If you own a dream journal yourself, tell me and I will put it in my links. If you truly wish to have longer conversations with me, well, I own MSN Messenger although I am not the most active member there either. However, you might be surprised. You might find out that I am a crazy person who often yells out insanities on the mic, write idiotic messages, bear offensive avatars and nicknames, etc. This is who I really am! Right here, the guy typing on this blog, is just one of my ” Good Guys “. I have a lot of ” Bad Guys ” in me as well, and they can be found on MSN Messenger – and in real life. I know no boundaries so be prepared to block me if you don’t like crazy people.
  • Q: What, are you really crazy?
  • A: Well, I’m somehow bizarre. At least that’s what people tell me. I am a very impulsive, unpredictable kind of guy in real life. I often do karate moves in public or yell for no reason. I somehow got a reputation for all of those weird deeds of mine. Many people still think I’m perpetually on drugs, which is completely false, I might add! Sometimes, people talk to me and I don’t even care about what they say. I sometimes get in trouble because of my crazy behavior. People either love me or hate me. Most curiously: I’m at my “best worst” when there’s a rainstorm raging. That’s something to see. Usually, during rainstorms, I cannot resist the urge of running around under the storm while thunder and lightning rip the sky open. Each and everytime I do that, I start laughing like a madman and I can’t help myself. I feel an incredible happiness and joy. It’s even better than an orgasm. I can’t explain it. I don’t believe it is suicidal, as most people would say. I think it’s about tickling death. I am also “well known” for getting naked at night and running around in the backyard. I do that even more often in nature ( ’cause, yes I do it in my hometown as well ). My first sexual prowess was at the age of 12 years old when I dug a hole in the ground in the middle of the forest near a small lake and I put my engine in it. I must say that I am completely different, as if possessed, when I am within nature. I often shout and dance and scream insanities in the wilderness. I do not know if all of this means that I have a mental illness. In fact, I don’t want to know because there is no downside effect that I know of! I don’t want to get rid of this craziness in my head!
  • Q: What is your age, where do you live, astrological sign, etc? Tell me everything about yourself!
  • A: Okay, this will be a long answer. As of today, I am 23 years old. I am, as you might already know, a man. I am quite secretive about my own private life, even though I just said that I am crazy. Some years ago, a woman harassed me ( because of my obvious charm and good looks, I guess… ) and the police was involved and everything. I do not wish this to happen ever again. Because of this, I will never tell anyone where I am precisely living or what’s my real, full name. However, I can talk about my very own self. I am a libra and, according to the chinese horoscope, a rat. I was born in october 1984. I live in canada. If you want to know more, just ask!

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