Sometimes in dreams, you find yourself in an extremely desperate position, often life-threatening. The thought that you are overwhelmed, that you cannot win, will come to your mind. Sometimes the adversaries will seem to be invincible. You will have to fight, but sometimes you will think that it is impossible to win. They might be giants, or have supernatural powers. The whole dream fighting experience is very energy-draining within the dream if you lose, and because of this, you will wake up stressed and angry. You might also develop a headache.

There is a way to beat any adversaries in dreams. The only thing you need is imagination and a personal conception of what unlimited power is. Fighting, is, to me, a very positive aspect of dreaming. It lets you unload frustration collected in reality. It also gives way to a short lucid dreaming experience, most of the time right before waking up. Once the dream becomes a lucid one, you are sure to beat your opponent in a matter of seconds. Here, I will provide you with tips on how to start a fight in the right conditions so it can lead to lucid dreaming. In all of my dreams that I fought in, in the recent years, I have beaten all of my opponents and “unlocked” lucid dreaming afterwards. I will bring some examples of power along with some of my own experiences on ultimate dream fighting techniques. Okay, maybe I’m not a shaolin monk in real life, but let me tell you, you wouldn’t want to fight me in a DREAM!


How to improve your overall efficiency


After reviewing my article, it seemed to me that I wasn’t explaining clearly enough about developping your skills within dreams. Perhaps will this help you. You see, even in non-lucid dreams, I can perform the following feats. It became some sort of automatism. It’s like walking, talking and eating in real life. They became normal feats. This is because I spent, I’d say, 5 years trying to make the best out of my lucid dreaming. With each lucid experience, I would try to create more and more gigantic feats that would defy reality in plenty of ways. As time went on, my mind expanded to some extend and associated these feats as being normal within the dream state.

Of course, since I cannot do these things willingly unless it is a lucid dream, their powers and effectiveness within non-lucid dreams suffer from it and are reduced. And, of course, I might sometimes not think about doing those feats in any way. However, when I do think about doing these feats and once I’ve done them it very often leads me to lucid dreaming. This is one of the many ways I’ve found to increase my chances of having lucid dreams. I do not think I am more gifted than anyone else in this matter, but I believe that if you concentrate on your dreams for some years, you become more and more skilled, like in any other domain. I can’t but wonder how my dreams will be when I’ll be an old man. Will I have continuous lucid dreams? Will I find something new within the dream world? Who knows. All I know is that anyone can improve their chances of having lucid dream by fighting and beating their adversaries. In fact, I believe fighting is the most effective way of improving your skills within dreams, period.



Usually, when you begin a fight in a dream, there is no turning back. You usually wake up soon afterwards. In that spirit, you must use all of your will in that fight so you can unlock lucid dreaming for a short time and have some fun to remove the stress from the battle. Giving up before fighting leads to the increasing chances of staying alive in your dream, yet experiencing high levels of fear and anxiety which is most negative.

Do not use weapons. Weapons like guns, swords or even rocket launchers are limited in their power because you are aware of the damage they can do. You have learned this through movies or experiences in reality. Because of this, even if you use a shotgun with unlimited shells or something, the adversary will adapt to its damage and will become immune. Your mind will “tell” your dream that this weapon has its limits. I believe that the fact that they are inanimate objects is also a huge factor on creating their weakness. Perhaps weapons are working for some people, but not for me. Since you are not lucid dreaming at that point, the reality’s physics will still be there to keep you from doing supernatural things like empowering a weapon yourself.


Instead, concentrate on your own body. My personal advice would be to concentrate on one of your fists first. Look at it and think that all of the power that is within you is now in your fist and then PUNCH your enemy. Your first punch should engage a series of positive events that will make you even stronger. The most important thing is to keep on punching your adversary to death. Do not even think about stopping, because you could be overwhelmed in some way or another. Even if there are hundreds of thousands of enemies around, keep focused on one single guy. Since you will be concentrating on that person and on your attack on that person, the others will be frozen because since this is a dream, you are actually controlling them as well by giving them importance. Keep that in mind: Even if they are against you, they are a product of your own mind! This thought is often the one you will have when lucid dreaming pops up. It’s one of my “10 commandments”

 At some point during your attacks, an event will come and make you stop hitting that same person. That person might disappear, die, vanish, run away or explode.

Keep focusing on the fact that you are holding a power within you. You will then develop abilities that will soon unlock lucid dreaming. You could be able to generate visible energy from your fist. You could also be able to punch at extremely fast speed, faster than your eyes can follow. You can also develop the ability of “force pushing” people like in Star Wars. Some other random power might just pop up. Often, you will generate the power and lose it right away. Try to maintain it until you reach some sort of “cornerstone effect” where you will KNOW that you have the power under your complete control. If you totally lose it, try to generate another power. Repeat the process as necessary.

At that point, the adversary might be disabled but will then come back, stronger OR if you are facing multiple adversaries, the others will attack you, most of the time all at once. At that point you will automatically develop an even higher “power rating”. You will unlock the lucid dreaming and you will destroy anything that will stand in your way.

The following are examples of powers you can develop. Usually, you will tell yourself that you ARE the character(s) mentioned in this list. At first, you might not be able to hold these powers long enough. You might lose them after some time or after using it, or if some event causes it. When that happens, don’t try to have the same power you lost, because you will usually never be able to get it back the way it was. I recommend that you then switch to another power.


The Dragon Ball universe is, to me, the most effective universe to use in dream fighting. Every attack in Dragon Ball is extremely powerful. In fact, I would say that unlimited power is synonymous with Dragon Ball. The characters can do a variety of things that you can reproduce in dreams. They can fly, move at extremely fast speeds and generate multiple energy balls and huge beams aimed to destroy their opponents. The beam’s power can be immense. It can destroy a mountain or dig a hole in the very earth. If you can generate such a beam in your dream and aim it at your enemy, the conception of such a power in your thoughts will surely be enough to kill any enemy. There is even a way for the Dragon  Ball characters to multiply their power by turning into a ” Super Saiyan “. Since I am aware that not everyone knows what Dragon Ball is, I have provided a link to a short video demonstrating what it is. I strongly encourage you to view the videos below if you do not know what Dragon Ball is. The simple viewing of this video, because of the fact that you are surely reading this to learn about dream fighting, will most probably “print” the animation in your mind and it could result in you remembering it and reproduce it in a dream. I was able to accomplish various Dragon Ball moves in my dreams and my rate of success is 100%. When an adversary is not destroyed by an attack, I concentrate on multiplying my powers, attack and repeat the process until my enemy is down. After doing so for many years now, it became an automatic process within lucid dreaming. It’s like learning to walk in some way, I believe.


Here are the attacks I can perform with more details:


  • Kaioken:This is the easiest one to me. Sometimes, when lucid dreaming pop up, it’s like an automatic thing like… walking. The attack is all about concentration. If executed properly, it will grant you multiplied powers. I have done this one numerous times. I usually grow in muscular size and in strenght when I execute it properly. Other various effects can also occur ( speed, beam generation ), but the strength factor is most important, I believe. I feel like every time I do this concentration attack, my strength can be shaped. The more concentrated I am, the strongest I am. In this way, I can achieve some state in which my strength is of unlimited proportions. The way to do it is very simple to me. All you need to do is to think about a core of infinite power within you. It can be your heart, head or fist ( or any other part of your body ). Then, think that this power is now travelling through your entire body. Once this is done ( it only takes some seconds ), scream. With each scream, your power will grow in size. Your strength feeds on your scream. Try to modify your voice – you can do this in dreams. Try to make your scream the most feared of all screams. The scream of a warrior. You will feel some sort of sponge effect that will collect all of the surrounding energy. At some point during this process, you will know that you have achieved a point in which you are now ready to attack. Do it. I guarantee that your enemies will be destroyed with a single blow. The best thing about this is that if an adversary somehow manages to survive your attack, you can concentrate again and grow even stronger. At one time or another, the adversary will die from your repeated concentrated attacks.


  • Super Sayian:Very similar to the kaioken attack. It involves a sudden power multiplication. Unlike the kaioken attack, this one is done in a matter of seconds. It just pops up, just like that. Like clicking on your mouse button. I, however, have been able to turn super sayian only a couple of times or so. I am not sure if I can actually do this willingly. I believe that the kaioken is very similar to this one in the “dream world” yet with more efficiency, so I recommend that you try the kaioken attack instead of this one.


  • Beam:In Dragon Ball, there are various beams of all kinds, there are “bean shaped” beams which are numerous but not very damaging. There is also the famous “kamehameha” that you can see in one of the videos below. This beam proves to be the most effective because of its large size and incredible power. However, I have also performed “bean beams” as well and it proved to be effective too. But the kamehameha is definitely more damaging. It is the most powerful attack I have been able to do within my dreams.


  • Shield: In Dragon Ball, the characters produce energy to create their attacks. This energy surrounds them, even if sometimes it cannot be seen. When they are attacked themselves by other characters, they use their energy as shields to prevent their body to suffer from the attack. I have been able to shield various attacks, mostly bullets, in this way. I usually do it by giving some sort of importance to my chest. It’s hard for me to find a way to explain how I manage to create such a shield. I would say that since my chest holds many organs, perhaps do I feel like this is the core of my body and that it holds the power to create such shields.


In this video, the main character is in Super Saiyan mode ( with the fire around him and everything ). He teleports himself and executes a powerful beam attack ( called kamehameha ) which decapitates the evil character ( don’t worry, no gore involved at all! )! It is a perfect example of what I have been able to do in my dreams ( although I have never done teleportation ).

In this one, the kaioken attack is executed by Goku, the main Dragon Ball character. It is, however, not the most “persuasive” video since his adversary dodges most attacks. But within dreams, trust me, your adversary won’t be that strong!


To many, Superman is the symbol of a perfect human being. He has a high number of powers, most of them being deadly. Pretty much like the Dragon Ball characters, Superman can fly, generate beams through his eyes and, of course, has superhuman strength, speed and endurance. Try to reproduce Superman’s powers while you fight. Although I have never been able to master flying ( I usually lose the ability at some point, or I can’t fly higher than 4 to 5 feet from the ground ), perhaps will it work for you?


Since Dragon Ball and Superman can do pretty much everything, you might try to do everything in your dreams. Most of the time this results in a negative way. If you concentrate on more than one power, your powers might diminish or disappear completely. Because of this I recommend that you concentrate on single powers for your first fights. The Hulk is the most basic and easiest power to develop. Becoming the Hulk is relatively easier than you might think. I became the Hulk ( or became some sort of colossal monster ) many times during my dreams. I believe it’s because the power has a physical effect on your body. The fact that your body changes gives your mind the keys to modify your body’s attributes. In this way, you will be able to be very strong. The process and result is very similar to the kaioken attack from Dragon Ball.


Pretty much like the Hulk, the Flash has a single power: super speed. Sometimes it’s more valuable to have super speed than to have super strength. If you tell yourself that you have Flash’s powers, you will have them. Although I do not become the Flash, I have often been able to use super speed in dreams, even when they are not lucid dreams. I would say this power is the easiest to reproduce to me. I don’t know why, though.


The Matrix is a very effective one too. I believe it is because of its overall storyline involving a controllable environment. If you believe that when you are in a dream you are in the matrix, you might be able to develop supernatural powers without even unlocking lucid dreaming, who knows. Becoming Neo, or having Neo’s powers in a dream, that is super speed, high strength and flying can also be the key for you to win a fight. I’ve never done it myself ( mostly attributing strength and flight to Superman ), but I happened to reproduce Agent Smith’s multiplication attack on some occasions by throwing my punch in my adversary’s chest and either making him a clone of myself or utterly destroying him. Once again, a physical modification ( like Dragon Ball and Hulk ) proves to be very effective in my case.

Of course, there are many other examples… Those are the ones I have impersonated or/and took their powers.


Of course, imagination is limitless. I have been able to create things never before seen by myself within the waking life:

White Orb: This orb is a white ball very similar to a golf ball made out of multiple other, smaller balls within it. I am able to generate them at will, but the sheer destructiveness of it all makes one single orb enough to destroy my enemies. I can make them pop up everywhere I want ( I do not need to throw them like the beam ). It seems to be destroying my enemies each, every single time. I can also flatten the landscape with it and destroy buildings and other constructions. When the ball is created, it is about the size of a man and it quickly expands to the size of a large building. Once it is exploded, it fades away. So far, nothing has been able to resist the orb.




In the end, if you successfully generate a lucid dreaming experience, you will be able to perform the most incredible feats. This part is the best. You can experience a lot of fun and amaze yourself. It’s a truly unique experience. My biggest, most impressive demonstrations of power within a dream have been generated by a successful dream fighting sequence. I have been able to destroy practically anything. I have also been able to CREATE things such as flora and fauna, cities and even living beings. I have been able to move and shape the landscape as if I was a god. And to quote Jade Empire’s Master Li, I “then PUNCHED a mountain… IN SPACE.”


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