Here’s my 10 commandments when it comes down to dreams.


1- Your dream is the product of your own mind.


Unless someone comes out with an undeniable proof showing that you do not create your dreams, you must be aware that everything that is within your dream is a creation of your own mind. With this most important commandment, if you find yourself in front of an adversary, you must try to remember that he is of your own creation and that you hold complete power of him.


2- Thou shalt never doubt yourself.


Doubting in dreams lead to high levels of distress and anxiety and increases the chances of having nightmares. You must always believe in what you truly believe in within your dream. If you feel like crossing a door in a dream, you must cross it. Else, a negative event will come.


3- Thou shalt always do what you feel is right for your own self.


In dreams, you have the possibility of doing everything that you would never do in reality because of social and moral issues. You must use this gift whenever that is possible. It appeases your mind.


4- Thou shalt be aware that you cannot die in dreams.


Dying is impossible in dreams. You might wake up after getting a hit, but that does not mean that you have died. If you keep that thought in your mind, you will be invincible in dreams.


5- Thou shalt give importance to small details.


Small details in dreams can unlock lucid dreaming. Also, if you remember details in dreams when you wake up, you will develop higher senses that will allow you to hold more will power over your dreams.


6- Thou shalt tell and write each and every dream you have.


Once again, another way to improve your rates of success in dreams is to talk and write about your dreams.


7- Thou shalt try your best to surpass yourself in your dreams.


Even if there are no limits in the world of dreams during lucid dreaming, your mind will often mistake it for reality nonetheless and fight against the supernatural feats you will try to execute. In this order, I recommend that you try to do the most impressive feats as much as you can when the opportunity is offered in order to inform your mind about the differences between reality and dreams.


8- Thou shalt remember the basics on how to unlock lucid dreams.


These basics can be found on my Lucid Dreaming page. Small details, clocks, mirrors, etc. can unlock lucid dreaming. I believe that there is no single human being who could say that lucid dreams are not good for you and because of this, I recommend that you improve your chances of having those.


9- Thou shalt fight and beat your nightmares.


Running away is the worst thing that you can do. If you allow your nightmares to be more powerful than you, your mind will believe that it is impossible to beat whatever lies in your nightmares and you will never be able to win against them.


10- Thou shalt never try to interpret your dreams.


To me, one of the worst thing to do is to read about dream interpretations. The people who claim to be able to interpret dreams are very rarely able to do it. They just point out obvious things. It’s like tarot dealing mediums who claim to know your future according to your astrological sign. To me, it’s complete bullshit. Avoid interpretations at all costs. It could lead you to false conclusions most of the time, which could have negative effects.


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