Everyone knows that there are many differences between the dream world and the real world. The question is: why? Frankly, maybe we’ll never know, but it seems there are specific things affecting the dreamer.


Dream Characters

Dream characters are, to me, the best part of dreams besides lucid dreaming. They can often offer something that you need in reality. Here, I am talking about human beings found in dreams. For the monsters, I recommend that you check my ” Nightmares ” page out. The main difference with you and the dream characters is the fact that they can be killed in the dream world while you can’t.

  • ” The Helpless “are probably the kind of dream character you’ve encountered the most. I call them helpless people because they are extremely simplistic in their approach of things. They will often follow you or do whatever you want them to do. Most of the time, they have no personal goals for themselves. They are props, in a way. You are forced to tell them obvious things because they cannot comprehend by themselves.
  • ” The Mysterious “are a rarer kind of people found in dreams. They seem to know more than you. They often avoid, disobey or deceive you in the end. They speak in riddles or they speak of things that you can barely comprehend. When you wake up and you remember them, they leave you puzzled and thinking, asking yourself questions that will stay unanswered. Although they seem knowledgeable, they are as weak as any other dream characters and they can be killed.
  • ” The Adversaries “ are dream characters who are not monsters, yet they behave aggressively towards you or towards other dream characters ( mostly the helpless ). You will often have to fight them.


Dream Factors

In dreams, there are things that are very different and sometimes unknown to reality.

  • ” Dream Energy “. When you are hit by something, you are not hurt, but you do feel some sort of drain, right? I call this dream energy.To me, it is some sort of renewable essence of life and when you are out of this essence, the dream ends. That’s why you will often wake up after receiving a beating or if you die within a dream. The dream energy seems to reproduce itself within the dream. For example, if you are hit, but if you hit back, the energy will come back to you. I once figured out that this energy has a huge part when it comes down to powers within dreams. In one dream I was attacked by a monster. The monster slammed his palm on my chest and started draining energy. I felt weaker and weaker as time went on, and my vision began to be extremely blurry and darker, as if I was about to faint ( and wake up ). But then, I became very angry. My energy came back as if I had been refueled. I pushed the creature away and I punched it in the chest and my fist plunged into its body and I drained ITS energy. I subsequently felt extremely strong. When you have a lucid dream, you will notice that you have an infinite energy level. However, if you are hit, you will still feel a loss in energy, the key is to find a way to regain it over and over again. I recommend that you check out my ” How to fight in dreams ” article and read the ” Kaioken ” part which is the technique I personally use to regain my energy. This energy is mysterious. Some people might deny its existence but I believe that they simply associate dream energy with its reality counterparts ( health and pain ) while for myself I consider it to be something totally different. One thing seems to be certain – the energy is affected by your feelings and thoughts. If you feel hopeless, your energy will be as weak as your mind. If you are angry, your energy will grow rapidly, if you are confident, your energy will be undrainable. At some point, once you acknowledge this energy as being real, your subconscious state of mind will make you invincible within dreams. I do not want to mean as if I hold more knowledge than any of you about the dream world, but I have not been “killed and waken up” in a dream for many years now.
  • ” Dream Physics “.While physics in the dream world are most likely to be created by your own mind, you will see that the physics, although different from reality, have some sort of limits. The difference is that the limits can be shaped, that they are customizable. I would not go as far as to say that you can break them, however. It’s more like a person that is swimming in a sea. When a swimmer enters the sea, the water must make room for the body of the swimmer, but the water remains. Some people might ask themselves why there are physics resembling reality. You have been experiencing these limits in reality for years by now and your mind has adapted to it. In this spirit, an alien living in a space station with no gravity might very rarely dream about gravity. Of course, this is only a theory. In dreams, you will find out that you can fly, but sometimes you will lose the ability or some sort of boundaries will be pounding on you. You might not be able to fly very high or faster than you would like to. The mind plays a significant role in this. It is not necessary to have a lucid dream to shape the physics of the dream world, but it helps. If you have a lucid dream, you can willingly do things while within an ordinary dream state, you just do it without questioning. Also, within a lucid dream, you have more chances of increasing the effectiveness of the physics-defying feat you accomplish. However, even within the lucid dreaming state, you will see that there are still limits. Your mind is the only key towards improving physics-defying moves. The more you practice dream feats, the better you will be and the more impressive your feats will be.
  • ” The Blur “. The blur represents the constructable limits of your dream. Here’s how I view it: When you dream, you do not move. You’re always within a same, expandable room that your mind changes and modifies. The surroundings of this area is always blurry or darker than where you are looking at. When you move, the blur is moving as well, always keeping some sort of distance from you. The blur is always closer on your left and right and behind you, because your vision is mostly concentrated on what’s in front of you. That’s why, when you turn away, you will often see things that have changed, or you might find yourself in a totally new environment. The blur is a tricky thing that even the ” best dreamers ” cannot avoid. The blur can easily be spotted when you focus on small details such as writings. Mirrors also often appear blurry, or the image reflecting is not what it should be, as if the blur could not reproduce this effect.


Dream Views

There are various ways to view oneself and others within a dream. Personally, my views change often even within the same dream. I cannot switch views willingly, but my actions seems to be affecting them.

  • ” 1st Person View “. In 1st person ( “I” ), you usually do not see yourself. It’s like in waking life. You see where your eyes are located. It is the simplest form of viewing within a dream.
  • ” 2nd Person View “. This view is probably the most confusing. 2nd person ( “You” ) means that you can see yourself through the eyes of another character. You might or might not control this character and you might or might not control your own physical self at that point.
  • ” 3rd Person View “. The 3rd person ( ” He “, ” She ” ) means that you can see yourself, the environment and other dream characters as if there was a camera filming you. You might or might not control your physical self from a distance. From 3rd person, you can view the developing dream story and events from different angles, which is extremely similar to a movie. You might see yourself very closely ( example: above your shoulder ) or from very far away ( similar to a helicopter view ). On a personal experience, the 3rd person view is the most frequent one I have within my dreams. Within a lucid dream, you might be able to ” zoom the dream camera ” and move it at will in order to see what you wish to see.
  • ” The Flying Camera”. A sub-class of the 3rd person view is the camera eye. I call it that way because in some dreams it seems like you do not control any physical body of any kind and you just wander around willingly, most often flying and hovering. I frequently have ” Camera dreams ” that I simply call ” Visions “.I usually watch developing situations and events and I just cannot do anything about them. I must add that I always have a strong feeling of neutrality ( that means I never fear or cheer and that I look around without questioning ) and that this has nothing to do with astral travels or something similar.



Main Articles:

The Lucid Dream– Having a lucid dream is one of the best experience every single human being can have. It is one of the only things that can truly connect all human beings as a whole. This leads me to believe that lucid dreaming is one of the keys towards a higher, greater mankind.

Nightmares – The ” bad ” dreams in which you experience fear.


Special Cases:

 Shared Dreams – Some believe that it is possible to have dreams in which we can interact with another real person ( that we already know or don’t know ). I have had such an experience with my best friend, but I am still skeptical.

The Crossroads– It is said that if planned in waking life, dreamers can congregate in specific dream worlds and meet each other. Some claim that they can interact with the environment of this area and others claim they could subsequently see the changes of the environment caused by the previous dreamer. This specific one, the Crossroads, gave birth on the internet and I am demystifying the whole concept.

The 360 degrees Dream – An experience I have lived in early 2008 that led me to create this dream blog. I have never read or heard about a similar experience within a dreaming state.


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